When The Path Of Trust Meets The Road Of Disappointment — 42 Comments

  1. Strahlen, please forgive my late reply. I read it, and wanted to come back to respond, and then life happened. I am so thankful you found this post through the UBP2014. First, I am so sorry that your husband walked out on you and your children. I simply cannot imagine. I am sorry you lost your home. I am praying that things are going well for you and your children, that you’ve gotten on your feet. It is hard to bare pain, but God makes it worth it. The trade off is so much more worth it. Blessings!

  2. Wow Barbie, I stopped here from UBP14, but wasn’t prepared for how this would touch me. Your words are so beautiful. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone.

    What a beautiful post this is and reading through your comments also grabbed my heart. I read Kerri’s about 10 times. My husband also walked out on my boys and me. I was 5 months pregnant with our 5th (surprise) little guy at the time. He refused to pay court ordered child support and we also lost our home. I had a hard time finding housing for a single stay at home (aka unemployed) mom of five boys and an F credit rating (it had been an A). One of the things that grabbed my attention from Kerri’s post is,not only our similar situations, but our names are even spelled exactly the same way. I had to read her post over and over to assure myself that I hadn’t posted it!

    Rebecca, we went to our local churches and got help from schools and everywhere. Social services wouldn’t help since our paperwork said we should be making a good amount (child support is unenforceable for a pending supreme court action. My ex filed his divorce when our baby was 3 days old and the process took about 3 years). I hope you don’t mind, but I’m including a link to what I wrote about our foreclosure.

    Barbie – again thank you for sharing. I know how hard it can be to bare your pain. You have done good here, and I am happy to like and follow you.

    God Bless…

  3. Last year I put so much faith in and was given disappointment after disappointment. I believe in an unimaginable super glorius magnifigant supernatural God. So it’s not a lack of belief in him. But when a job went from bad to worse, then to not paying our bills, to foreclosure, to looking at bankruptcy, I have been so deeply hurt, that recovering has been slow. I Love him, he is my father, but why didn’t my faith in him help me. If the amount of faith you have does nothing, then what is the point.? I still know he is everything to me and for me, but to trust him is hard, even now, I just don’t know how, after all that has happened. I despretaly want to, but why if more disappoint is just coming, I just can’t take more. Just a little backstory here, he has spoiled me, and given me so much of my hearts desires, that is why now I feel so let down, its not as if my life has been without him or his generosity in my family and life. HOW DO I trust again?

    • Kris, I am sorry for all that you have had to go through. Let me say, I understand. Although we are thankful my husband is working again, we are still dealing with the effects of three years of unemployment. It has not been easy. I often do not understand why, when we chose to trust, things happened the way they did. BUT, God is good, always. Nothing will every change that. I am learning that trust cannot simply remain in what I hope to be, but trust has to be rooted and grounded in the fact that God is good, and He loves me, and YOU. I don’t know why He moves at times, showering blessing upon blessing, and at other times, He remains still, silent and it seems like it all falls apart around us. But in these times we must ask ourselves, Do I believe HE is good? Do I believe that He will take care of my needs? It is hard, this trust. I am still learning.

      I am praying you come to a place of peace and rest in this trusting. If there is anything you are holding on to, surrender it, open handed, right back into His hands. He knows your needs. He will not let you fall.

      Thank you for stopping by and I pray you are encouraged.

  4. Dear Barbie,
    I was ever so blessed to find your website this morn.! Thank you.
    I loved your piece. My own dear mother used to sing this song to me, to us…. She sang ALOT. Or else hummed. She was the oldest of 7; I am the oldest of 6. Right after the birth of my 3rd child and 2nd daughter my mother left us. She never saw Summer on this earth. But now 19 yrs. later, Summer is so much like my mother was….
    I loved how you have chosen to trust. That is the key, I think. To chose to trust. In spite of and even though the circumstances aren’t easy. I’ve decided to go back to the way(s) I was taught as a child (at my mother and grandmothers’ knees) and I have been so happy ever since (Aug.)…. I asked for God’s help, cired out to him at my lowest, and He heard and lifted me up. My joy has grown since…. Our God is a good God. A great God, and worthy to be praised. From generation to generation.

    • Thank you Jen! It’s scary to let it all out and be vulnerable. But I’ve met so many people in the same situation that I’ve been able to encourage. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Blessings!

  5. Hi Barbie – I found you over at Joan. We are going through a trust thing too and each step along the way I think I have faith to believe God is going to do “x” and then it doesn’t happen. And like you I have chosen to believe to trust Him anyway. I have told myself often over this time, if I have nothing but God, then I have it all. I stand with you in faith that God has a plan and purpose for you and your family in this hard time.

    I would really love for you to link this on my bloghop Winsome Wednesday in the hope that someone out there, who needs to read this, will.

    God bless

  6. So I came here from your FB page but now I can’t remember how I got to your FB page…… Hmmm.. Anyway, your post really hit me. We are a large young family (5 children ages 5 months to 8 years) and we own a small landscape business. This past year was very difficult as we lost our biggest maintenance contract (which was over 1/2 our income), and a few small ones, and we just learned several weeks ago that we are now losing what became our biggest contract (which is 3/4 of our income). We are now facing coming into the next season with one small contract that has been renewed verbally but still is not signed, and the possibility of only one or two other small ones that still need to be renewed but we have not heard back yet. The income from that contract will be $175 a month. That’s it. I have been sitting here praying and trusting that we won’t starve and at one point, I even trusted that we wouldn’t lose our house….however, reading your post and knowing that sometimes, God does even take our homes, I am seriously considering the idea that perhaps we could lose our house if my husband cannot find more contracts before the end of March. And I’m a little freaked out. Not because I don’t think He’ll provide for us somehow but because I don’t know how!!!! Since you had to get rid of your house, where did you go? Do you have savings helping you along as your husband has been unemployed? Unemployment stipends? Do you live with family?? Because we have none of that to fall back on.. No savings; not able to collect unemployment since we own our own business… None of our family has a big enough home to take on 7 extra people. I know I needn’t worry…..I know SOMEHOW things will be worked out.. But I’m just not good at waiting on the HOW. I hate not…if we really were to not find more work, and if we did lose our home…what would we do? How did you get past the craziness of wanting to know the HOW? That’s where I am. In any case, I’m happy to have stumbled upon your blog, thank you for sharing your heart.

    • Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear of all that you are going through. I am praying and believing God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Cling to faith and to hope. We do not have savings. My husband has been living off side job money and we’ve just really had to scale back. Sometimes we don’t have much food, but we have enough. Feel free to private email me if you want to talk further. I would love to continue to encourage your heart, and hear an update of how things are going.

  7. oh, my sweet friend! i know this road of disappointment, only mine finds me with my husband choosing to walk away right now. i am not even sure the if or when he will choose to return to work on our marriage. i know that God has a plan and i pray it is reconciliation…that our marriage will be rebuilt stronger and deeper and firm on His rock…but i don’t know His plan and as you said so well…i must just trust! right now i am sure my husband is in a spiritual battle and so my prayers lean more to his healing right now because truly his walk with Jesus is more important than our marital status…
    the other week i was chatting with a friend about mustard seed faith and how if can move mountains….oh to have mustard seed faith….doesn’t seem like a lot but boy i struggle…i find it tough some days just to move my own feet let alone anything else but God has shown His provision in so many things…i am learning to see all the good and to stop dwelling on the bad…
    joining you in proclaiming my desire to trust and obey…there is no other way!!
    bless you friend….i miss you and think of you often!!

    • Oh Kerri, my heart aches to hear this news. Although, in my Spirit, I’ve felt it. I pray for you often and miss you too! I don’t know what is going on with your husband, your marriage, your lives, but God does and He is able! I am praying that your marriage will be restored, but yes, praying for your husband’s walk with the Lord to be strengthened. Please feel free to email me or FB me if you ever need to chat!

  8. Barbie,
    Thank for you for the comment on my post. The “no” we received was that my husband didn’t get selected for the job he had applied for. One that looked perfect on paper and one that we thought he had a real chance (he didn’t even get an interview!). But I do know God has bigger plans and that job must have not been right for him and us. My husband has been unemployed since September of 2011, due to some physical and mental health problems. He is trying to get back out there but it’s a tough world and he doesn’t have the experience to do any jobs that would work with his health (he had hip replacement, so he must have a seated job). So, your post really resonated with me. All of these Trust posts are hitting home and I am so humbled and awed of the transparency everyone is writing with. It’s so refreshing and so wonderful to know that we are not along in this journey.

    • Leann, I know the heartache of closed doors, and having to grit my teeth and continue to trust. Even when I waver in my trust and vocalize my fear and worry, I am still learning to trust. I know that God must have something better for your husband. I will be praying for you! God will make a way!

  9. Dear Barbie,
    You shine beautifully here, as your trust…your choice to trust, your obedience to trust Him in the darkness of disappointment brings Him glory…Praying God will continue to uphold you and your family, my friend…Hugs to you 🙂

  10. I often wonder if God continues to allow life struggles because learning to trust Him isn’t just a choice, but a lifelong process of spiritual growth. I think of how often He has shown me miracles, and yet I so easily waver in my faith when satan gets in my head or heart and starts stirring up fear. I actually get mad at myself when I realize I’m not trusting God, because by now I really should know better. Will I ever react to a life interruption as Job did, dropping to my knees in praise and worship, trusting God without question? Or will I always allow my human desires to control the emotion of my response?

  11. Barbie, I smiled big when I went to link up with Bonnie and saw your link there. Thank you for the goodness you’ve written here. Trust and disappointment is a question I have wrestled with as well. We are coming off a year of under-employment after a period of unemployment. An ongoing recommitment, trusting is. Blessings to you!

  12. Hi Barbie,
    It hurts to grow in the Lord. This is such a raw post and your journey has been hard but the growth in you towards the Lord has been huge! When I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of the Unrah family the ones who lost their 15 year old son, Jordan, to bone cancer. They put all of their trust in the Lord to heal their son. They discussed and decided against the removal of his leg, with the approval of their doctor as the removal still did not hold many good promises of health, and decided to fully trust Father to heal Jordan. Father took him home.
    I am still following their blog and I hear the struggle Darlene and Kim are going through. They are clinging hard to God and His promises even though they are asking Him some very tough questions.

    Growing in the Lord hurts, and He knows just how to grow us using the areas that are the tenderest in our hearts.

    When our earthly footpath is shaky, you can be sure that your spiritual one will only grow stronger and firmer.


    • Oh my friend, I cannot imagine the pain this family is walking through, but I do know that in pain, there is still hope. Even when the miracle doesn’t happen, as we want it to, God is still faithful. Blessings my friend!

  13. Hi Barbie, This is my first time commenting, but I read your Blog everyday. You have such a heart for God and always seem to say what I am thinking..I just have a hard time putting things into words. Keep it up! I look forward to hearing what you have to say every morning. You really touch my heart. Thank you and prayers your way!

    • Shelby, thank you so much for commenting! I love when my readers let me know they are reading! Makes my heart swell and smile. I am so thankful the Lord is using my blog to encourage you! Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate you!

  14. Dear Barbie
    When I faced the darkest night of my life here on earth, I just kept reminding myself of Romans 8:35! With Paul and BARBIE I can say that nothing, yes, nothing can ever seperate us fom the love of our Pappa. My dear friend, thank you for your courage and tenacity! You are truly a blessing to us all!
    Much love

    • Oh girl, this scripture, that nothing will separate me, its one I know in my sleep, yet still have to remind myself of. I am so thankful for His overwhelming love, even when I do not understand His ways. Love you!

  15. Oh, yes, Barbie, my trust has met the road of disappointment and I do choose to trust that the Lord is going to make a way in a family situation that we are facing. But, is it hard. You bet!! There are days that I am so full of doubt and my faith is lacking but He is doing a work in my life during this time that He might not have accomplished otherwise.

    I am so, so sorry for the difficult journey that you and your family have been on and I can only imagine how hard it must be to keep on trusting Him. But, you are such a testimony to Him and I can’t help but believe that He is going to bless in ways that are yet unknown to you.

    Sending hugs and prayers your way this morning…………..

    • Oh Lea, yes, you can trust Him. He is always faithful. I am praying for your situation. God is so much bigger than our circumstances. Have a beautiful weekend!

  16. Barbie – your words, your story resonate with mine; you use more words but our story is the same! Thank you for bearing your soul…
    I believe when speaking on “trust” one must bear one’s soul or hide in a cave. There is no other way, than to trust & obey!
    Thank you, your words encourage this morning. Now to go live it.

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