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  1. Oh Barbie, I could write a book about how fear has held me back from pursuing the dream God has placed in my heart. Even now as I am working on my book I have the tendency to avoid writing as I am getting closer to completing it. What if nobody wants to read it? Who am I to think I’m an author?

    But you’re so right. We serve an extraordinary God. And He is the one who gives us a God sized dream. I need to accept that and allow Him to use me for His purposes. It’s not about Debbie but about Him. And then He gets all the glory!

    Blessings and love,

    • One of my dreams is to get my ebooks written. I have those same fears, “what if no one cares to read”. Well, it really isn’t about me so I should push that fear aside and rise up to the challenge! I cannot wait to read your book!

  2. I have lost many dreams, but I am still dreaming. I dream to be a writer after God’s heart. I am a writer but it is a struggle to to walk with Him and not only live for my dream.

  3. I still struggle in this place. The doubts come. And God reminds me, “He’s the giver of dreams.” He has a plan for us and our most important job is to seek Him for it. He will do His part. We have to trust Him in it, but we don’t have to walk alone. He gives us each other, too. Love your heart friend.

  4. The words in Ephesians 2:10 are an encouragement to me. “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” I want to hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit and then be available.

    At a woman’s retreat our speaker gave us this acrostic: Dependent on God
    Owned by Him
    The mystery is that, as we give ourselves totally to God (our flesh is DOA), He is able to accomplish His plan for us. It is much better than our own.

    • So true! And He is the one who puts the dreams in our hearts. Oh to hear Him say “well done”, no matter what I do. Blessings!

  5. The dream I had years ago crashed and burned. My dream now is to fully serve our Father with my whole heart, soul and mind. Where that leads is His choice, I will obey Him and if it means I stay home and clean toilets the rest of my life so be it because if He is there then I know good things will happen.

    Blessings sister

  6. Oh I am right there, I finally realized that I have dreams but I am afraid.. Afraid to fail, afraid to be dis-apointed, afraid of others will think I am crazy. Thank you for the encouragement Barbie, love you

  7. Barbie!

    What an encouragement this was to me today! You have to read my post, then you will really understand how the Lord used your words to encourage me. After a year of writing on my blog, I am still easily intimidated and unsure of myself. When I take my fears to the Lord, He is so faithful to strengthen me and renew His calling on my life. I have often heard it said that fear and faith cannot co-exist in our hearts, It is so true. We need to be renewed by the Lord everyday. Going to Him in prayer, searching for Him in His Word. Refreshed and renewed we can truly live out our God sized dreams!


    • Renee, thank you for stopping by. I popped into your blog and then got distracted with kiddos. I look forward to stopping over again!

  8. Love! I wonder if maybe during some of those quiet times, when I feel “dreamless”, He isn’t wanting me to draw near to Him, seek him more earnestly…because I have to know Him more deeply so He can plant the dream in my heart 🙂

    Praying you discover your God-sized dream exactly when He wants you to!

  9. It takes courage…. oh so true my friend,… you spoke my heart again today. I love what Deidra over at Jumping Tandem wrote, fear being a bully. And he is… then I read Diane’s comments and it all brought back Hebrews 11:1…. is is so hard to step out when you do not have tangible things to see or hold on to. I struggle with living any dream daily because of that. It is much easier to just sit in my house and do nothing, but then that makes life boring. I pray God shows you His dream for you, and what I have learned these last few years, it may not even be a ginormous one to others but to you it will be huge, and to Him it will be huge. It’s not really about what the dream is, just that you trust in Him and try to live it. Well that’s my two cents 🙂

  10. I set so many dreams when I was younger, and by now I’ve reached nearly all of them (as I approach 60 next month!). The one dream I forever keep before me is to finish faithful to the Lord, with His help.

    Thanks so much for hostessing the party, I visited the others and was blessed.

    Hugs ~ Mary

    • And that is the one dream that I too want to achieve — that I will be faithful to accomplish all that He calls me to, that I would finish the race well! Thanks for stopping by!

    • That’s so true. We really do allow fear in. Praying for the strength to push fear where it belongs! Have a blessed week Kendal!

  11. It’s interesting Barbie, that for me my dreams diminished when after we both lost our jobs and lingered too long in that difficult place of limbo. When my husband received another position, I again started to dream and even fulfilled one dream by starting my blog. But…again we find ourselves in this place of limbo. Wondering…though trusting God…when our feet will be back on the ground and when routine and income will return. But, during this time, I do believe that fear encamps around us and we must fight it off daily. And somehow in that dreams seem elusive. When hopes have been dashed…there is an unwillingness to trust…to step out in faith…the dream.
    I hope in you really can trust God to make in you a God-sized dream, or even several.

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