A Vacation, A Blog Meet Up & A Guest Post! — 28 Comments

  1. Barbie, I do pray that you will have a wonderful trip. Your blog is looking amazing. I really hope to modify mine someday. I actually got a free Blog Design from someone and have no idea how to do much with the adjustments – they seem permanent. Anyway – how great you will be blessed with your boy and bloggy friends. Bliss! Hope you feel vertigo-less. Love and hugs for your journey!

  2. Dear Barbie, I’m so glad you stopped by my place because I now know we will be flying past each other next week-you flying over Colorado and my home on the way to Kansas and I’ll be flying to northern Ca. I will try to go check out your friends blog too. Congrat’s on your sons going to IHOPE-wow that is just incredible. I’ve only seen videos of the worship service but would love to go there sometime. I know he’ll bless you with so much that he has learned.
    Have a wonderful week away.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. How fun! I’d love to visit Lynette and her family if I were going to Kansas City…meeting blogging friends is one of the joys of putting yourself out there on this crazy internet thing. Have a safe trip and most of all hug that son of yours~

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I won’t actually be visiting iHOP this time around. I am just gonna play with the girlfriends, and see my son on his birthday! Have a blessed week!

  4. Have a good time in Kansas City! I love, love, love your blog. I’ve decided when I have the money to do everything just right I am going to contact your designer. I’ve discovered it is pretty pricey to get a complete overhaul so it may be awhile. I just love everything about your blog. She did an excellent job of making it professional yet keeping a soft, feminine look as well. I like all the features too!

    • Thank you Stephanie. The template I use on my blog is actually something you can purchase from StudioPress. My designer didn’t really do anything for this particular design, except color matching and the new buttons, because I loved it so much out of the box. Let me know when you are ready for a new design and I can put you in touch with Abigail! Blessings!

    • You are so welcome. You can visit my space any time you feel led with your words. You are always welcome! Love you lots!

  5. Praying for you sweet friend! My Mama’s heart rejoices with you – both in seeing and now finding out in person what the Lord has been doing in and through your boy – but also just in the reuniting face to face… ah yes! My heart swells! And to meet face to face with friends online is always such a blessing… I get to do that next week as well (when we travel through Oregon to Redding, CA!)

    Blessings as you travel!

    • Ahhh, you’re going to Redding? Will you be visiting Bethel Church? My pastor is the brother-in-law of Bill Johnson. Well, whatever you do there, have a blast!

  6. Have a wonderful flight! Praying against this vertigo and praying for a wonderful visit with your son.
    It is so neat you can meet up with your blogging friend, praying you have a wonderful time together.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time meeting up with your son after his time of ministry. What a blessing when our children follow the Lord. I pray that your verigo improves before travel.

    I just switched over to Word Press and I so fully understand the frustrations of setting up and maintaining your blog. What a blessing that you are able to have help…and meet her!!

    Thanks for hosting the linkup this week!! Have a wonderful one!!

  8. What an exciting trip 🙂 I will be praying for safe travels and that the vertigo stays away – isn’t if funny how something so little can cause such big problems in one’s body? Enjoy your vacation!!!

  9. I love the feel of your newly redesigned space! It’s airy and pretty and simple and welcoming. (And that was Far Too Many Ands – sorry!) 🙂 It sounds like you have an exciting week ahead. I’m praying God blesses your time and allows your Vertigo to go silent, at least while you travel, if not altogether.

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