Five-Minute Friday: Friend — 42 Comments

  1. Barbie, Thank you for how sweet and inviting you always are in #FMFParty. I was so nervous to join in my first part but you were there welcome others so it gave me the courage to just jump in. It was one of the best things I did.

  2. And this is why I blog. It’s true, we may never meet, but being a part of a community with women like you makes me feel incredibly grateful and blessed. This is exactly what I needed today. Thanks for uplifting me!

    • Brie, so thankful you stopped by to read and be encouraged. That potato salad on your site today looks so good! Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Oh Sweet Barbie… you are such a Light and a Joy to me! I treasure the friendship we have growing here… and I so wish I could join you at your (in)RL meet up! I will be busy with my own… but we will be together in spirit, friend!

    • Oh girl, I wish we could be together at (in)RL too! But I am so excited you are hosting and I just know we will meet one day! Hugs!

  4. You have such a beautiful heart Barbie! Love what you’ve shared here today. I’ve been following you for only a short time, but I feel blessed already to know you in this online world.

    • Oh girl, you brought a tear to my eye. Seriously. Just got done watching the IRL webcast and well, I’m mushy. Thank you for your friendship. I seriously hope we can meet one day!

  5. Thankful for those friends who stick with us through thick and thin. I think perhaps I thought early in life that I would always have those friends plentiful in my life. But I’ve learned that God truly gives us a handful who stick like glue through the seasons and years. And they are gifts to cherish.

  6. I figure that people come and go for a reason. I don’t question. It hurts when a friend walks away or when I have decided to walk away from a friend. Still, I know that there is a reason and that reason serves the greater good. Lovely post. Thank you.

    • So true. I believe there are seasons in friendships. I do pray for those that will last a lifetime. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I was trying to find the one bit I liked best. I can’t pick just one. Have enjoyed watching your conversations at the #FMFParty (I get a little braver each week – maybe next week I’ll dive in). This part: “When I felt as if I had failed, they’ve given back with nothing but unconditional love.” really resonates because I am all over that one. As I’m learning more about and exploring the online community, your closing paragraph rings true too! These friends – you – encourage, inspire, accept. Such a blessing. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much Rebekah for stopping by! I hope you will plan to join the #fmfparty soon. It is a lot of fun. Hard for me to keep up with everyone, but so much fun. Looking forward to stopping by your blog. Have a blessed weekend!

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