Five Minute Friday: Jump! — 50 Comments

  1. This picture you’ve painted…I love it. I want to hang it on my walls. I can’t swim and I don’t get into the water unless I can see the bottom. Still, He beckons us to come to Him and I can’t resist Him. He is irresistible. Jumping with you!

    • I’m not much of a swimmer either. It’s so much easier to jump when we can see what we are jumping into, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by Amy!

  2. Barbie, you’ve created a beautiful picture of God’s protective, loving, secure embrace. It can be frightening to initially take the jump… Oh, but what an awesome place to land! Thank you for these encouraging words!
    Thanks so much for visiting my place!
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

  3. You are one more amazing writer my friend! Your words flow beautifully and I can just picture the word “jump” in my mind’s eye as I read your post. Happy weekend!

  4. This is oh so refreshing… it’s as if you have held us by the hand and invited us to jump in with you! Thanks for that my friend! (Oh – and that photo… Perfection!!!) Love you sweet sister!

    • Thank you Karrilee! Isn’t that what sisters do? Hold one another’s hands until we are able to go it alone? I can’t take credit for the picture. I have Fotolia to thank for that. It is beautiful though!

  5. Dear Barbie
    Yes, that first jump into the unknown is quite scary, but one we have taken that step, we never look back, don’t we!! We soon realize that that river is just filled with love.
    Much love

  6. Taking that jump is scary! I loved your words and how you described taking that leap. So thankful that He is there through all the rivers and valleys of our lives Barbie.

    Blessings and love,

  7. Jumping in with you, friend, Such a beautiful picture you have painted with your words today. To hear the invitation and to trust Him in the jump. Wonderful. Love you much.

  8. That is some beautiful water we are jumping into, friend. Let’s go! 🙂 This whole image is just amazing, Barbie. Thank you. Love you, friend.

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