The Weekend Brew: A Sun and Shield — 24 Comments

  1. Good morning Barbie,
    When we walk in the law of God, keeping Him first and loving others, He will hear our prayers, answer according to His good and perfect will and will provide all we need to make it through each and every day. He does not ask a lot from us but obedience to Him and in return He will provide. WOW what an awesome Father He truly is.

    Have a wonderful weekend friend. 🙂

  2. “NO good think does He withhold from those who walk upright”….Just read this verse in a new light! NO GOOD THING……Hmmm. I love that verse! Why do we ever even toy with the thought that God is greedy, or withholding, or restricting us from good things? Time to cut off that lie off from the source!….Amen!?
    Thanks for hosting Weekend Brew, Barbie! Have a great weekend! ~ Jen

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