The Weekend Brew: The Never Ending Chase — 32 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie, Wow what a wonderful experience to have your son at IHOP! How wonderful that you can see the growth and be blessed by it. I loved this post dear one-so pertinent to today.
    Sending hugs and holy kisses to you.

  2. What a lovely song Barbie; just listened to it! 🙂

    What a blessing for your son; I am sure it was an amazing experience and will leave an everlasting place in his heart. And what a blessing when our children are in pursuit of our precious Father!

    So thankful that He continues to pursue me and doesn’t ever give on me!

    Blessings and joy this week,

    • And isn’t it comforting to know that even on those days when we stop pursuing Him, He continues to pursue us? Have a blessed week!

  3. Love this… and you know how my Mama’s heart is oh so happy for you! What an opportunity for your son! I am running hard after God and loving the reminders He is giving me that I never have far to run! He’s running at me full on and all in, after all!

  4. I am learning to stop running and let Him catch me! Thank you for sharing your heart here with us, Barbie! Your blog is such a place of peace for me. Blessings to you! Love, Rachael

  5. Hi Barbie,
    I am glad you have your son home and he enjoyed his time at IHOP. What an amazing experience that must have been.
    If it wasn’t for God pursuing us I wonder if we would even think about pursuing Him. It is because He first loved us that we can love.


    • That’s such a perfect example, isn’t it? Watching God’s pursuit of our children, always helps us to understand His love.

  6. It’s so beautiful to think of God pursuing us … reminds me of the girl and guy running toward each other on the beach and then, they meet. Must be the same with us, running toward our Lord and Him running toward us, we meet, and we are held in His loving arms. What a loving Savior. Thanks for sharing this, and for hostessing the party. BTW, if you’d like to visit and comment on something you’re thankful for, we’d love to have you – I was going to do a linky party but can’t get the linky thing to work, so we’re just doing comments on Friday-Sunday. Hugs ~ Mary

    • Thanks Mary! I left a comment on your post. I’m sorry you can’t get the linky to work. I am happy to help. Have a blessed weekend!

    • Beth, if you click on the link where the song title is, it will take you to a page where you can hear the song. Have a beautiful weekend!

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