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  1. Oh Barbie, you have such a gift. My heart was overflowing with the love of God while reading your beautiful words. Thank you for this. Really. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful post Barbie! Although I can’t relate because my dad is a great father, I have 2 adopted children who have asked these hard questions related to their birth father/mother. I always tell them that they are treasured, chosen, and special by us & God!

  3. Oh Barbie – This is absolutely beautiful! I was just with a group of women last night, who shared their hurts and offenses by their spouses. I would love to share this, as a reminder that God’s love is never ending. His love is perfect. His grace sufficient! Thanks for these faith-filled words!

  4. A Facebook friend gave me a similar message recently when I poured out my heart in a moment of brokenness over my marriage … that God is the defender of those abandoned by their husbands – whether that abandonment is physical, spiritual, emotional, or all of those. Thank you for reminding me of the truth again!

    • Oh Beth, I pray that God will wrap His loving arms around you and that you sense His nearness. He is not only father to the fatherless, but husband to those who are broken in that regard. God is good. He will never leave you!

  5. Touch my heart, love this, yes I have felt all this, my real dad I haven’t seen in thirty years, my “dad” now and I aren’t close, though he did the best he could, it must have been hard on him to get married and have a eight year old, but my real dad, he’s anther story, my journey through all this has made me lean more on God, trust Him. My journey and story has helped me with the girls in my small group. A beautiful post Barbie, such encouragement! Our Heavenly Father loves us more than any earthly father ever can. Love you and thank you!

    • I am thankful that in the absence of a father figure, you were able to run to God and lean on Him. He loves you so.

  6. Abused and left by my earthly father at a young age, I was in need of love and security…which I found in the Lord. My Heavenly Father has never left me or forsaken me…and I have always felt loved by Him. On this earth men/people will always disappoint us, but when we have the Lord in our lives, we can always trust Him to have our best interest at heart. I love this post Barbie! You are such an encourager!

    I love how Elisabeth Elliot always said…
    “You are loved with an everlasting love…and underneath are the everlasting arms!”
    I have remembered this in trying situations in my life, and it has brought me hope!

    God is so good…and so faithful!

    Love, Linda

    • I’m so thankful you found your love and security in the Lord. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around the love and acceptance of a God who will never leave me, or abuse me, but I know He does not lie. Blessings my friend!

  7. Barbie, your writing and your words never cease to amaze me. You are truly gifted and these words touch my heart! thank you for penning them.

    • Thanks for stopping by Donna. The world would be a much happier place if everyone who struggles with this truth began to walk in it! Blessings!

  8. Dear sweet Barbie
    I might not feel this way about my earthly father who loved me very much, but until a while ago I felt this way about my mother! But our Pappa has opened my eyes to see that she, being my stepmom since I was 4 , is not able to love me as much as she loves my younger two brothers and my little sister! It is not that she don’t want to; she just cannot! Then, her own mother was a very difficult woman who also was not the best mother you can think of. Ever since, I am so grateful for the sincere love my sweet mom can give me with warmth and honesty and I do not expect her to give what she cannot and would be false in any case!
    Much love to you, sweet friend

    • Such truth Mia! So thankful that God brought you this revelation. Some times we do expect our parents to give what they cannot.

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