To Live Simply: One Word Check In — 12 Comments

  1. I love and so appreciate your honesty, friend! I get it… I really get it (for I shove things in the back of the closet too!) I suspect that you will look back and see just how far you have come in living Simply… give yourself a bit of grace! “Ten tips on Living simply” – now wouldn’t that be nice? 😉 Love you, sweet Barbie!

  2. barbie, i am soooo with you! i have been trying so hard to downsize and simplify, in all areas of life, and it is so hard when life is so full! i think your honesty beautiful and encouraging.

  3. Sometimes Father has a plan to teach us and it takes a whole lifetime, that’s okay. I too am learning lessons that I believe should have been learned a long time ago, yet I still struggle with them.

    Blessings hon

  4. This, “Even though I cannot yet see the manifestation of a life lived simply, I choose to believe that God is doing a work, in both my heart and my home. “, is why enter into your space and am able to take long deep breaths. You are so authentic here, Barbie. I love that. And I am encouraged each time I read the words you write, because so many of them resonate with me right where I am.

    Definitely Not Having It All Together Either,

  5. Oh I love you Barbie, thank you for being real and being you. I too am a mess, I feel I just got school routine and now it’s almost over, sheesh anyway I have seen your pictures and it does look like you have been doing a lot!

  6. Hi Barbie,
    This is only my 2nd year with a One Word, but I am finding that it is a journey that doesn’t end at the end of the year. Last year, my word was trust, and He is still teaching me in that area. This year – praise, and I can already tell what I’m supposed to be learning won’t be wrapped up by December. Maybe we should look at it from a different angle, focusing on the One Word for a year, but knowing it will be a continuous journey. If anything, One Word helps me form new habits of being aware of my focus and studying what Scripture says. Trust was last year’s word for me, but it continues to be a focus for me daily. I’m not sure that it was prior to last year.

  7. Oh, I appreciate your honesty and frankness! Sometimes it’s difficult to see the blogs, tweets and updates of those who seem pulled together and living the way I could only hope to. I wanted to be in a better place by now, but it didn’t happen for me either. I look at 20 and 30 somethings and marvel that they understand His truth and live His way – at times I think I’m playing catch up! I read my devotion and it pleads for me to stop looking and planning for the future, to simply live in the moment…in His presence. Not easy for a homeschooling mother of four! I won’t quit trying though! Blessings to you, Barbie!

  8. Oh friend, thank you for keeping it real here. I just love your heart (and you!). I struggle with keeping life simple too. Every time I turn around I’m saying yes to another project or opportunity and there just aren’t enough hours in a day. But, I try to remind myself that I set out on a journey to glorify God and well…if I’m just being still all the time…living simple without any real striving, than I’m missing opportunities to glorify Him. He crafted me exactly the way I am…purpose driven. I really think He wove you together the same way. (((Hugs)))

  9. Thanks Barbie for yielding to God and sharing authentically. Victory doesn’t always look the way we expected but we can be assured that God will get us to the place He ultimately designed for Him.

  10. Oh Barbie, I so love your real! We will get through this year and day, one breath at a time! But I so appreciate you still juggling so well. Mentoring through your life so well. Living in the messy and bravely sharing your heart. Just grateful for you.

  11. I love that He is simple, He is true. He does not waver. I love how you cling to Him, friend. Thank you for how you point me to Him, for strength.

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