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  1. “For in-between the reality of today and the hope for tomorrow lies a promise that He remains with me.” Your words always bless me. Holding tightly to this truth that He remains with me in every moment. Much love.

  2. “It’s hard living in this moment of in-between, when my heart yearns for tomorrow, yet longing to be fully present today.” Loved this section. All of it really resonated with me and blessed my heart that I’m not the only one who experiences the in-between like this! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog post. God bless you!~Cassandra

  3. I’m so blessed by your words, friend…what a beautiful reminder that He is always enough, especially in the in between times. Thank you for not pushing the delete button. 🙂 Blessings, friend!

  4. We gain so much peace during the in between when we realize that He is enough. Sometimes I forget to look to Him to be my bridge to move through the in betweens. Thank you for the sweet reminder.

  5. You know, I wanted to hit delete and forget it too. Your post came out much better than mine! I enjoyed reading it b/c it echoed what I think and feel sometimes. (Often). I think about Abraham and Sarah … waiting in the in-between with promise. Where we are now, I wonder what Abraham says now. Wow. But in the in between, we do learn that God’s Grace is Sufficient. Oh, but it’s sometimes so difficult to get that. I’m glad He is faithful! Amen!

  6. Barbie, I resonate with your words. Perhaps the point of the In Between is the learning that He is enough. That way, when we reach that destination and find that it’s still not enough, we can delight ourselves with the God who’s more than enough… until that day when all our longings are fulfilled in paradise. Thank you for not hitting the delete button 😉

  7. Barbie, I really loved reading this and totally hear your heart’s cry. Sending you a hug, dear friend. Keep writing as God gives you words. You are blessing so many – myself included.

  8. And oh how it does… bless me that is! I so get this – I am so living this… and you let it pour right out in transparent beauty! Love this… and love that we are in the in betweens together, sweet friend!

  9. Dear Barbie
    What a wonderful humble offering it is! I can see that you know the secret of finding our Lord Jesus there is the in between moments.
    Hugs XX

  10. “I get impatient for the promise of tomorrow….” Oh, I’ve been there before! As much as I chide my children to be patient, in reality, I struggle with it myself. 🙂 I’m thankful for His promises.

  11. Barbie, we are on the same page this week. God is indeed with us in the in-between. How amazing is that? It changes our perspective.

    Blessings and love,

  12. Barbie, this post…. I’m so thankful you didn’t delete it. I know how you feel. I wish we could just sit together, over a cup of coffee — chat, laugh, and encourage each other face to face. I know this feeling of unfulfilled dreams, of impatience while waiting for His blessings…. It’s amazing to me how we can experience His blessings, feel Him working in our lives, and turn right around and forget those so easily and lose sight of Him. Hold onto Him and His promises. Love you, friend — some day we will share that coffee and fellowship in person 🙂

  13. Oh, Barbie…the entire post is beautiful and lovely and I can feel your heart! I love this line: “washes over me waves of refreshing” yes! Sweet friend, I am praying for you this morning.

  14. Oh Barbie, I am so glad you did not press delete. Such beautiful words that hit straight to my heart! Such truth you typed on those keys of yours. (And I too was super excited for the word. I went to bed without typing right away and this morning nothing came like last night. Ha. Oh well.) Have a terrific Friday, Barbie.

  15. I love the way He whispers in the midst of it all, Barbie … the gentle, sweet, persistent sound of His voice calling, His peace, His hope … if and when we’re still enough, we will hear Him.

  16. I loved how you ended this. I think most of us can relate at sometime or another to this feeling. I know I have been there! There are miracles all around in the middle of the in between too though. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

  17. ‘For in-between the reality of today and the hope for tomorrow lies a promise that He remains with me. And that is enough. In between what is and what may be, He is enough for me.’ – this, just this. Thank you for not deleting and sharing anyway. Bless you heaps.

  18. in this life in-between, “He truly is enough for me” … but i am looking forward to that tomorrow with HIM forever … thank you for heartfelt randomness that spells reality 🙂


  19. a beautiful write today. so glad i linked up right behind you and had the opportunity to be challenged personally by your thoughts.

    have you ever heard the amy grant song, the now and the not yet? that’s what your post made me think of.

    blessings – have a wonderful weekend!

  20. It has blessed me. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. God’s grace is sufficient even in the in between. Thank you for the reminder. Stopping over from Five Minute Friday.

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