2013-2014 Curriculum Choice – (8th Grade) — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing this! There were several there that I’d never heard of. I’ve got a 4th and a 1st grader this year, along with a 3 yr. old and an infant, so it should be an interesting year! 🙂 This will be our third year doing Sonlight history, science, and readers with the oldest, and the first year with the second. My oldest loves doing schoolwork and is such an avid reader that Sonlight isn’t nearly enough for her (isn’t that bizarre?!!) so we add a lot of other stuff. We do Singapore math and a lot of notebooking. I post some of their writing at Desperate Homeschoolers including their Five Minute Friday contributions and book reports, and I hope to do even more of that this year and to get a community of kids going there who can safely share their writing and creative projects with each other. I’m really excited about a new Bible curriculum we’re trying this year called Bible Study Guide for All Ages. It has everybody from the 3 yr old up through mom and dad studying the same thing at age-appropriate levels.
    Hope everybody has a magnificent schoolyear!
    Tina @ Mommynificent

  2. Barbie, I’m thinking of using TT for my oldest daughter. I switched curriculum with her and since it isn’t her strongest subject, we fell a little behind others her age. I noticed your daughter didn’t use the workbook. Are the CDs similar to Khan Academy – where the lesson is taught and then there are problems to solve? Just kicking around the idea of not actually purchasing the workbook if it’s unnecessary. Thanks!

    • What grade is your daughter in? I found we didn’t need the workbook for 6th grade math. The CD has an instructor’s voice who teachers the problem. There are games and exercises and then the problems are solved on line. My daughter will however be in pre-alegebra next year so I’m thinking a workbook may be necessary. We really do enjoy this curriculum.

    • Thank you Christy! I stopped over to your blog and tried to comment, but I’m not sure it’s showing up. Praying you are having a beautiful 4th of July!

  3. This is so inspiring, Barbie! My son will start preschool at our local Lutheran school. They run a preschool through 8th grade, but we will be taking it year by year. I have been contemplating homeschooling, but I admit it’s crazy intimidating, and whenever I start looking into it, I get so overwhelmed I throw my hands up in the air and give up. I assume it’s a lot like cloth diapering, though… once you develop your routine and make your decisions on products… you just find your groove 🙂 Happy Monday — you look like you’re all ready for this next school year!!!

    • It isn’t easy, that’s for sure, especially since I work during the day. We school on Mondays, evenings and some weekends. Works for us. If you feel led to homeschool, you totally can do it. I am living proof! I’m sending you a message on Facebook. Check it tonight, okay?

  4. Sounds great. I need something for my 7th grader that will help keep both my husband and I on track with the curriculum.

  5. Hi Barbie! THanks for sharing these choices…as you know our girls are the same age-ish. My Girl is an October baby. She is also using Teaching Textbooks. Since we used Saxon this year (Pre-Algebra) we chose the ALgebra, for TT. We went with SOnlight as my daughter is a BIG reader. I am hoping it will be a great fit. We are also going to try the Homeschool Rosetta Stone French course.
    I think I will do a post like this and share. I would like to find some homeschool links to be check out. We also left out the Science until I decide whether to do one our local group Home School Science opportunities or find something that works. Science is our least favorite…although I personally like the more focused Sciences- general science is too broad for me. I will check out those you shared. I am also looking forward to getting started YET will certainly enjoy my SUmmer knowing we are set with a plan and the resources we need to start the year well. Pray we all finish well too! Love you!

      • Of course you may use the banner. I also have a button, of the same, which may look better in your post. I’ll send it to you! Blessings!

    • Science and Lang Arts. have always been the hardest for me to settle on. Sonlight but was unaffordable for me to purchase as an entire package!

  6. Your curriculum sounds fantastic! We almost picked the same Answers in Genesis for Science this year but are still trying to nail down a particular science. I’d love to know how you girls like this one this year. I have to get our curriculum up as well. We start in a week. Eeekk!

    • I can’t say the science is exactly what I was looking for, but we aren’t ready for the broader sciences yet. I love the biblical values of Answers in Genesis. Have a great day!

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