The Weekend Brew: Abide In My Love — 18 Comments

  1. Abiding in the vine and the vine holds us up and is also in us. How great is his love to pray for us as he sits next to his father God and interceeds that our faith fail not. Thank you for such a lovely post and a beautiful site where we can share.

  2. Hi Barbie,
    I love Jesus’ prayer for us. Whenever I read it I think He is praying just for me. 🙂 It’s so special.

    To be loved by the Creator of all is the best feeling in the whole world.


  3. My oldest and I were just talking about His powerful love…How we can’t understand the magnitude. I too love Jesus’ words here…What comfort! Have a blessed weekend.

    • His love is something I long to understand. To think that the Creator of the Universe loves little ‘ole me is beyond my comprehension. Thanks for stopping by Carrie!

  4. I am so glad I started my morning by visiting here and reading this lovely message. Oh, how He loves! I am one blessed Daughter of the King. It’s an amazing privilege to be invited to spend time with Him. May I never take that for granted.

  5. Lovely Barbie! The one thing that will remain constant and forever true is God’s love for us; His love won’t fade; it won’t fail us. It’s always there, especially when we need it the most! “Abide in God’s Love. That your joy may be full.” Amen!

    In His love!

  6. Dear sweet Barbie
    This is the most beautiful invitation of our Beloved to His bride; Abide in Me! This is all we need to do so that His Life can be the center of our whole existence.
    Happy weekend to you, Barbie

    • He continually calls us to abide in Him! That’s where I want to remain, in His love! Have a beautiful weekend.

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