2013-2014 Curriculum Choices – 8th Grade (Revised) — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie!

    We are using TT too- also my Girl loves Wordly Wise which they used at her private Christian school. We are using it also but it is a different number- maybe 6? Have to check…I went with what her teacher said the class used and where they should be for this year. I will put that detail in my upcoming HS post. We are using SOnlight and Rosetta Stone. I am not sure about Science…thanks for this post! Love when you share your HS insights.

  2. Oh my this looks like an exciting lineup. I’m actually using Teaching Textbooks as a supplement to Abeka DVD math program for my kids just to switch things up. It’s insane but they haven’t really noticed that they are doing an extra 30 min a day of math since they feel as though TT is playing. However, both of them really need the drills that Abeka math gives them so both are working out relatively well.

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