Alone Yet Not Alone: Review & Giveaway — 7 Comments

  1. I read historical fiction from all different eras of history.
    It’s really exciting reading a story from a time past, whereever in the world and at whatever time.

  2. This is very interesting! I am a writer and write about the early Middle Ages in Europe. I wrote two youth books. You can find me on Facebook if you click on Aritha Vermeulen. I have a Fan-page 🙂

    Personally, I read a lot about Native Americans. Someday I would write a book about …

  3. The book looks great. I really enjoy historical fiction and just knowing that this will be out in movie format makes me excited to read it. Thanks for doing the give away.

  4. Hi Barbie! I ‘leapt’ over to see if I could find a clue to what you are jumping for today…hmmm. Oh well!

    Happy Anniversary to you! I love the photo. Your dress is spectacular!
    Not really sure how to use your contest app, but I made a comment, so maybe that’s all it takes?

    Happy Thursday!

    • Jumping? Oh yes in response to your post? Well today, I am jumping for joy. It’s my Friday and I am off to Redding tomorrow with my best girlfriend. Yay for mini vacations! Yes, the comment counts. Sorry. I’m trying to use this widget as it automatically picks a winner. Thanks for coming over!

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