My words echoing His heart: Blogging for World Help — 17 Comments

  1. Barbie, I’m so glad to have met you! As I read your post, I was in awe with how similar our hearts and words are. “Small always turns to big in the hands of a Mighty God!”, I agree. 🙂

  2. Looks like a great idea! I saw this on Jennifer’s blog, ‘Running This Thing Called Life’ and started praying about it and now I see your doing this too. This definitely fits in with what my blog is about. Continuing to pray even more about it.


  3. I think this is so wonderful and have loved seeing the many joining in to blog for World Help. You have such an amazing heart Barbie and I look forward to seeing how He continues to use you to change our world. Much love to you.

  4. “I am just one voice, you are just one voice, but together we are a strong and mighty chorus. Together we can share the Father’s heart and change the world.”

    I am so blessed by your heart, faithfulness, and devotion. I am so very grateful to be journeying with you. I believe this — we are sharing the Father’s heart and will change in this world! Thank you, friend. Beyond thanks. <3

  5. love love this. <3 God has been putting orphans heavily on my heart lately and i have yet to find something i can really do in this current season of my life. definitely looking into this!

  6. I LOVE when blogging becomes even more meaningful because of the positive changes it can have in the world. Compassion International offers great opportunities too. So excited to look into the program you have shared. Good for you Barbie!!

    • There are some amazing and worthy causes out there. I love what Compassion does as well. Thanks for stopping by and reading Kim!

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