Five Minute Friday: Red — 24 Comments

  1. While I am not a Christian, at least not in the mainstream sense, I have a very deep love for Jesus. What he did in his life, to create peace and to help others, to stand up for what is right, up until the moment of his death, is an example to us all.

  2. What a beautiful poem, Barbie. And how funny that we used a couple of the same words in our FMF’s – “stain” and “crimson.” Probably not that remarkable, but I do think we’re on the same wavelength sometimes:) Anyway, what a great reminder. I don’t think we can ever meditate on the sacrifice of our Lord enough. It transforms us moment by moment. Blessings on your weekend, friend!

    • Now you’ve got me singing that son, “there’s power, power, wonder working power in the blood of the lamb.” Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hey friend, I’ve had this design for about a year now, I believe. I’ve changed here and there along the way. I’ve settled here, at least for now 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Off to read your post now!

  3. What a glorious poem. The focus of our ministry is creativity in Christ and being His glorious expression in the earth. When I read this I loved it because of the glorious word and because the glorious Word was so woven through it from start to finish.

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