Five Minute Friday: She — 46 Comments

  1. I think it’s when we type without thinking that our words are most beautiful. I’ve discovered when I try to put too much thought in to what I want to say the words simply don’t come…or they feel forced. Your heart here, beautiful as always. Love you.

  2. Wow…so many things went through my head as I read this one! I was like, yes- I relate, then wow this is fictional, then …just wow, it kind of just carried me along! I think you should write some fiction, Barbie- I dunno, I just sense there might be something there…beneath the surface for you, so to speak!

    • I had a fiction thought going through my brain when I wrote this. I wouldn’t even know how to do it! Do I just sit and write like FMF, except for days and days and days? 🙂

  3. And the really sad thing that I’m starting to realize is that so many who sit in the circle are just as broken. We all long to be accepted yet we are all so scared. It is only in Christ that I have any confidence at all!

  4. It seems I always say this, my friend – but it’s true! I always find such beauty and peace here… I love stopping by! One day – in real life – we will sit and talk for hours! One day… and I can not wait!

  5. So beautiful Barbie. So grateful for His Love that accepts us as we are. So very thankful for Jesus. While reading this, thought of the song by Casting Crowns “Does anybody hear her?”
    May God give us eyes to see the one who feels alone and unaccepted and give us His loving arms to wrap around them and anoint our lips to offer encouragement as well.

    Have a most beautiful day!!

  6. That was beautiful. I understand those feelings completely. It’s a relief sometimes when we see others have the same words as our own. That we aren’t alone. Thank you for sharing that.

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