Opening My Eyes To Enough: Awake Book Study, Chapters 3 & 4 — 13 Comments

  1. Barbie… I’ve just been catching up on the posts in this study, and I love your perspective. Especially the yellow purse thing! Opening my eyes to the scope of poverty in our world today and realizing my own excess has driven me to do some crazy things to try and bring change. It’s definitely a big battle, but also know that big change starts with small actions… like changing our buying decisions.

    Loved this post! Thank you!

  2. This book is truly eye opening and I love what you have shared. I really wanted to be a part of the online study but simply can’t keep up right now. But I do love reading how it’s impacting others. I did get through the first four chapters and they inspired me to make a decision on what had been on my heart… to find a way to continue to support the ministries I visited in Guatemala.
    Blessings to you and much love,

  3. Barbie, Awake…how do we wake ourselves up? How do we wake others up? I don’t know, but I think a start is just getting the word out that “the least of these” need our help. Thank you for using your voice to get the word out to others. When is enough, enough? I’ve been asking myself that question lately. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by the latest, greatest thing to buy. As soon as we purchase something that we “need” a few one comes out just slightly better and we think we “need” it too. When I begin to see the true in this world…I begin to question do I really “need” to purchase this. Are little can mean a lot to someone in need. Blessings to you, Kasey

    • Thanks Kasey. I truly want the Lord to put this into my heart, this need to know that what I have is enough. And even then, it’s probably too much. Oh how I long to clear my life of clutter so that I can see with new eyes. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. i’ve heard of this book several other places – it’s starting to really peak my interest!
    that first quote just totally slays me. convicted!
    and the meaning of enough – yes! if we truly knew i know it would revolutionize our living.

  5. What a beautiful post. I love how you reminded us that changing the world is God’s job! So true!!! So, let’s focus on our job … opening our eyes and letting Him use us. Both of these chapters are very special to me and you have so clearly captured the essence of them both. Thank you for being a part of this study and for being so open and transparent about what you are learning. I appreciate you and your words so much!!!

  6. Barbie,

    There is so much wrapped up in this post. You’ve done an amazing job drawing out great points from the two chapters. There is so much to think about. So much that can awaken us, change our perspective of our own lives.

    And I know there is so much more God has to work on in me. I believe it comes down to this; we are asked to by God to love Him with all of our lives, our strength, soul, heart, body. And when we love Him this way, truly love Him with all of ourself, then it looks a lot like living for the least of these. I’m convinced. He’s given us, here in America, so much wealth, not so we can be hoarders, but so we can be givers.

    Yet, I sit on it, day after day. May God help us to see our lives, and what we really have. Then may He help us live generously. I’m not sure I know what that looks like.

    Thank you, friend, for writing this. I know how tough it’s been for you. You are amazing.

    • I want to be done with my own, “I don’t have enough” pity party. I want to fully surrender what I do have back into His hands, so that He can use it for His glory. Love you, my friend!

  7. Barbie, I can totally relate to keeping my eyes shut to a situation because I was overwhelmed by it all. It’s funny how situations like poverty, child trafficking, and the like have a way of instantly humbling us. We all of a sudden don’t feel so big and grand. We realize we are powerless in and of ourselves.
    Perhaps stepping up in faith and saying, “I’m going to ‘see’ you” is actually saying, “I’m going to ‘see’ you because I know God will make himself strong in my weakness.” It’s a declaration of faith I have to keep saying over and over. I can’t, but He can. I don’t have the resources, but He does. I’m so not courageous, but He is absolutely fierce and not intimidated by the situation. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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