Three Word Wednesday: Stoke the embers — 8 Comments

  1. What a beautiful post, Barbie. I understand the busy, the Martha, and I understand the longing in those times to just sit at the feet of Jesus receiving refreshment. Praying you get that this week. Thank you for sharing your heart. It’s always encouraging! 🙂

  2. BARBIE, BARBIE, BARBIE! My friend, my mentor: This is the best post you have EVER done! It’s your honesty, & willingness to open yourself up before the world to see & hear! What a gift! What amazes me, how you keep going no matter what, faithfully in everything you do! And you do it with excellence! I know the load you carry! I just encourage you to embrace this time of what may seem like pressure & other feelings, which the enemy would use to discourage you. But Barbie, you are “batting a hundred!” God is using you mightily & stretching you. You are so beautiful in the Lord!

    • Awe Helen, you bless me. You are such a faithful encourager. I love how you champion me. It truly keeps me going. I hope you are doing well!

  3. Barbie, if I were to choose an inspired blogger every month to highlight at my place, like you, I’d choose you every month! Thank you for so openly and tenderly sharing your heart. I love to come here because you always draw me closer to Him. But I also understand the desires of your heart and I will be praying for you. (I hope this all comes out that way I want it to.) These words—>”And this heart that runs with the passion and zeal of Martha, yearns to be like Mary, sitting at His feet, laying it all down, allowing Him to stoke the embers.” — my heart yearns to be like Mary too.
    I thank God for you! Much love. XOXO

    • Awe friend, you bless me. Thank you of for the opportunity to pray and ask God for three words, and then to write openly and honestly about my journey. Love you!

  4. Oh Barbie. Wonderful post that really spoke to me this day. I have had to resign from a few ministries within our church because it all became too much. I laid them down. I got caught up in religion. Sad to say but true. I was looking at my performance instead of resting in the fact that Jesus has done it all for me. This life is not about my performance or what I can do for him. I was persecuted in my church for stepping aside but all the while knew it was a good thing for me to do. I kept a smile on my face knowing this was not mine to deal with but God’s.

    I realize that I am a simple creature and simplicity is what I love best. So I take my smile and a warm greeting to my job. I walk in my village and greet people that I see walking or jogging with a simple “hello.” I listen at my job to other’s stories and give a word of encouragement. That I think is the light that Jesus shines through me. A simple act and when I am complemented by my ways I simply say “that is Jesus in me.” Hallelujah!

    • Oh Janet how you’ve blessed my heart this morning. I am on staff at a church and yes, it is hard to step away from ministry. But when we lay it down, God is faithful to put us where He desires us to be in order to be a blessing to others!

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