World Help: Christmas for an orphan — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie! What a lovely idea! I do give some money to a different charity, but I love when what we give really helps a child or village in need.

    Thank you for bringing this worthy charity to our attention 🙂

  2. My husband and I sponsor a child through World Vision. And our church provides many opportunities to give to the less fortunate. I love how God promises that we will be greatly blessed in the giving. He is such an extravagant Giver.

    And He proves Himself true to His Word.


  3. Yeah, with 4 kids gifting can be quite an expense. We now just travel to a small cabin during the holidays and exchange 1 gift a piece. The kids prefer traveling and have told me they are willing to forego ‘gifting’ to do so. (all except the 4th and 7th graders). Last year will we were traveling my son and husband made a ‘Christmas Chair’ instead of a tree. They decorated a chair and put a star on top of it to surprise everyone. I cried it was such a sweet gesture.

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