Day 1: Planted in the House of the Lord — 36 Comments

  1. I love this painting. I never knew you painted. Love what God is doing as you create different pieces. I recently bought a pack of 5 canvas and I am trying my shot on a couple things. 🙂 I have yet to finish the first one. But it’s so therapeutic to create through art (all forms, photography, writing, ect). Hugs

  2. I’m loving your paintings Barbie and the idea that God speaks through art. Never considered that. Just had a duh! moment. And, I didn’t know you were a fabulous artist!

    • HI Janis! I really should link up with Sunday Stillness. I have a link up over the weekend, and I just haven’t gotten around to linking anywhere else. I did share this one at The Weekend Brew a few weeks ago. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Barbie – I love your painting! I always hoped to paint one day, but haven’t felt brave enough! Excited to walk with you through your 31 Day Challenge. I am trying it for the first time ever, writing on “Real Faith and Revival”. Oh how I need grace…. Blessings friend! Have a great day! Until tomorrow….

    • It’s scary to step out sometimes. But I just want to be used to reflect His glory in all that I do! Thank for stopping by Mary!

  4. How beautiful!! And what a lovely idea for the 31 day series – I am excited to see what other works of art you have created with your hands 🙂 Hope this first day of October is a blessed one!

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