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  1. I question myself with this blogging thing a lot more than I realized. You have truly encouraged me today to not listen to the negative voices and to just go with where and to whom God has me writing right now. I hope that others who need it are led here to read it as well. I know it will bless. Thank you!

  2. “My prayer for you is that you will soar unhindered and uninhibited into all the places God has called you and that you freely use every gift given you.”

    Thanks, Wanda! how beautiful to see the unique ways that God speaks to each of us!

    I intend to soak up nature and remember why God gave me the gift of a blog while at The High Calling’s Retreat this weekend. I look forward to hearing from the Lord in nature, but also through fellow believers using their gifts to build up the body of Christ.

    • Oh how neat that you get you get to go on a retreat Alison. It’s often in the slower places and changes of normal routines that I get clear direction. Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to receive the overflow from your retreat. Many blessing Alison.

  3. Hi Wanda! I love nature too. It just calms me down, and all the crazy chatter in my head finally takes a break. Isn’t it just like the Lord to teach in the smallest of things. A butterfly and birds. We see them all the time, but do they ‘say’ anything to us? They spoke to you, and that is such a blessing.

    Thank you for the encouragement to continue doing what I feel called to do. There are a lot of bloggers and writers out there, so it’s pretty easy to wonder why I should keep going. I think we all need to hear encouragement to just keep going if the call is there.

    You were that confirmation for me today. Thank you 🙂

    • Ceil, honored that God would use my words to serve as confirmation for you to continue serving Him in blogging. The blogland is filled with voices but there’s none quite like you my friend.

  4. Hi Barbie thanks for sharing Wanda and her view! Wonderful inspiration in this post~ WE do fear that we aren’t enough, aren’t heard and don’t continue our paths…we each have one. This is a gorgeous reminder to be ourselves and respectful of those around us with similar or different voices~ I am at peace reading your post and reminded of my path~ Thank you Wanda for your gift, your voice! ((hugs)) And reminding us to hear his~

    • Ella I love the way you expressed it. I agree most of struggle with those fears. Your unique voice always inspires me. You know how to dig out the beauty in things I often fail to see. So glad our paths crossed in this place called blogland.

  5. Wanda, this was absolutely inspiring! I was so touched by what you saw in God’s creation. As you know, I posted today about rest – and I am realizing that God sometimes just wants us to spend time in His natural world, and let Him speak to us there. And, as a girl who also falls prey to that comparison trap, I love what you had to say about that. This was my favorite line:

    “He reminds me to simply use the wings he has given me.”

    Yes, it’s just as simple as that. I truly believe that God wants me to continue blogging – but beyond that, to just *rest* – to not search and strive for something bigger.

    Birds and butterflies have much to teach us – there is indeed beauty to be found in flying in your own space!!


    • Sharon, you articulated that perfectly! May we each find the rest and beauty within our own spaces. When I read your post this morning, I had a light bulb moment myself.

  6. Barbie, thank you so much for opening the doors to your blogging space. I am always blessed my your words when I come to visit and it is an honor to share here.

  7. Love this Wanda…so true!! We are to appreciate what God has called US to do and work it to the best of our abilities! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have an awesome week my friend! 🙂

  8. Wanda, you’ve spoken a heartful, and I’m teared up. I can relate in so many way; I can’t begin to count them all. I remember watching some bees over the Summer, how they just kept on buzzing through those wildflowers no matter what the others were doing. You have reminded me today that I am, that WE ARE, called to HIS PURPOSE (Romans 8:28), so let us keep pursuing no matter what. There is no condemnation (Romans 8:1). He loves us (Romans 8:39).

    • LaVonne, it blesses me to hear that these words touched you today. Thank you for sharing those great words of truths about us from Romans. I needed them today.

  9. Wanda,
    As always, your posts are inspirational. This time alone reminds me of Psalm 46:10—Be still and know that I am God. I followed you over from your blog, this morning. Many blessings to you and Barbie~

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