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  1. If I were seated at a table with Christ I would want him to tell me that he has seen my heart towards him and how I am trying to pursue his high calling. I anticipate seeing the genuine love and compassion that would generate out of him! My hopes would be that it could be felt by me.

    Just a side note, I enjoyed your book fresh brewed life so much that I reference it often as a reminder to number my days ! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and moments with the king!

  2. I love your site. Found it when researching info on Stasi Eldredge’s book, Captivating. I am now on her second book and it is a tear jerker for me like the last one. Rediscovering how much Jesus loves me and finally starting to believe I am beautiful and have something to offer the kingdom is such a blessing.

    I am glad to drop by and see how you and the others here are doing. I have been building my site for a few months, and just missed my store opening before the holiday shopping season started.

    Glad to see your book is up on Amazon!

  3. oh, SO many things. but in this moment, probably just something along the lines of, “keep on, Child. don’t grow weary in well doing, for you WILL reap if you faint not. I know you’re weary, you’re exhausted, but don’t stop now! I have such great things in store for you, better than you can imagine.” <3

  4. Congratulations Barbie! and a delight and honor to read your first published work as a pdf to try to capture in a review what only one can experience by getting their own copy and intimately experiencing these “coffee chats” with Jesus for oneself! I’m so excited to share these moments with you! Blessed by each reading or reread and the reviews being shared echo this blessing!

    For me to actual sit with Jesus as you have done in this sweet aroma of a devotional, would first leave me in awe, speechless in His Presence, but so wanting to express my thanks and then simply ask Him … my zillion questions of “how”, “why” and “show me”countless times of how I am to walk this journey as You have walked through: valleys and mountain top experiences, treading upon the enemy and conquering over each one, each trial, each temptation, each victory, each obstacle, each human weakness and emotion … where did Your endless strength come from, that Spirit alive in You and the authority as the Son of God, yet human Son of man, how You drew from the Spirit to continue and press forward … when You became weary, rejected, bruised, devastated, overwhelmed, burdened, emptied, despairing, anguished …etc. However, I’m sure that so much would pass through my mind that I would just sit and soak in dwelling in His awesome Presence, probably clinging to His feet in gratitude!

    Thanks Barbie for having the courage and strength to step out in faith sharing these intimate chats with Our Savior! Well worth everyone having and being changed by your book, your experience, your example to chat with Jesus personally and intimately!

    Be blessed and thanks. Love and peace,

  5. If I was seated across a table from Jesus I imagine He would affirm his love for me and encourage me to continue taking those steps of faith and letting him use me to spread his love.
    Would love to win a copy

  6. Congratulations on your new book. Looking forward to reading it. Either way winning a copy & or purchase. I came over here via Elizabeth / Just Following Jesus.

  7. I said over at Nikki’s I’d be speechless! But, seriously, I think I would only gaze in His eyes and I would be as a quieted lamb in the arms of her Shepherd. I mean…otherwise I would babble senselessly…so I think speechlessness and awe would keep me captivated with His love. There are a few scripture I ponder and wonder BUT He is the living Word, so I’d maybe have Him expound on those. Oh what a wonderful time it will be!

  8. I so thoroughly enjoyed your series last year and am looking forward to the paperback version’s arrival next week. I’d love to see this on ibooks one day! But congratulations on your book release – can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  9. So over the top excited for you and even more so for what the Lord is going to do through this Devotional! Love you, sweet friend! Jesus and I… we are pretty stinking proud of you! (We talked about it just this morning, over coffee!) 😉

  10. I am so happy and excited for you my dear Barbie! I am sure this book is going to bless, encourage and touch the lives of so many just like you have done in my life through your blog. I would love to read it while I have my coffee every morning with our Jesus!!! Love you

  11. So so happy and excited for you my friend. Your book is blessing the socks off me! 🙂 I’ve been reading it every morning during my quiet time with the Lord and God is using those words to minister to the broken areas of my heart. Thank you for stepping out in faith and putting this book into the hands of women everywhere. I pray God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams for this act of brave obedience. Love you, girl!

    • I am completely overwhelmed at what this little book is doing in the hearts of women already. Only God! Love you my friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

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