Five Minute Friday: Fly — 30 Comments

  1. Hello dear FMF friend. Wow. Love this. Oh how I love the idea that His strength is all we need. ANd I love the way He assures us of how we soar with Him. Thank you for this beautifully written reminder. Also…something someone told me once…”ever notice how an eagle doesn’t just fly, but soars. As in, not flapping its wings and working hard…but finding the current of wind it was meant to fly on, and just soars”. That is His desire for us. Not flapping around like fools, but soaring in His perfect current. Love, love. 🙂

  2. To soar with Him is like nothing else. I am still learning to look for Him first to tend to my needs instead of thinking I can fix it all. This was a lovely read Barbie!

  3. Like so many others have said, I too love this verse. There are days that I wish to soar above it all and see when, where and how deep the next valley coming up is so I can avoid it. However, it is in going through those valleys that I grow. I love reading your heart today, Thanks for sharing

  4. ‘My strength comes from him and him alone’ I needed that reminder dear friend. Thank you. Lately I’ve been doing things that he seems to have led me to and people are pushing against and taking over and I can feel so beaten down in my pursuit of him. Yet, in the end, it is in him that I have strength, he is my strength!
    Thank you again!

  5. My favorite verse! Thank you for reminding me that when I’m weary, weak and grumpy, His promise is to help me soar. That time I spend with him lets me do that (but sometimes, it’s hard to come back down to earth, isn’t it?!).

  6. Barbie,

    I love what you wrote!

    ” My strength comes from Him and Him alone. In my weakness, His power is made perfect.”

    This we know, in our heads, but to know in our lives and to live it. That is something else all together!

    I am so thankful I stopped by!

  7. Barbie, this is the second post I’ve read today that mentioned this all-time favorite verse of mine. And it is timely for me. I’ve just spent the last week in bed with the flu, so I am feeling especially weak, tired, and spent. However, last week God said something very powerful to me about the whole idea of *rest* – I blogged about it on Monday (and I’m planning to link it to your Weekend Brew).

    It’s about the whole idea that sometimes He calls us to a season of rest – just so we’ll be able to soar when it comes time! I am praying for you as you wait UPON the Lord. Resting, restoring, leaning into His strong arms. And in His perfect timing, He will lift you up (and me) – and then watch out!

    Watch us fly!


  8. Beautiful truth in this post. So glad we don’t have to fly in this life alone. Thank you for that reminder as all but one in my family is fighting illness and we are struggling to get well. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Dear Barbie
    I cannot even begin to thank our Pappa enough for His love and grace allowing us to always glide on the Wings of the Wind of the Spirit of Jesus. Whenever the pain and exhaustion of my illness overwhelms me, I just draw deep into the Life of Jesus and fly away with Him where He comforts me with His love and grace!
    Blessings XX

    • Oh Mia, I cannot imagine what you go through. But, I am so thankful for the strength of the Lord, which picks you up and carries you along. Have a beautiful weekend.

  10. Truly one of my favorite verses. And how cool that honestly before I came here I prayed for you. Prayed for him to continue to give you strength as I know preparing for the launch of your book must be taking a lot of emotional and physical strength. He will give you everything you need…you will soar my friend!

  11. Amen, refreshed as we soar. Thank you for this post. I love that a lot of us are meditating on this scripture, such a life giving scripture. Have a blessed weekend. Tara.

  12. Barbie,
    I thought of that verse too, after I had written. I wish, too, that I could sometimes fly over my circumstances. It can be hard to feel that we have to endure. This was such a good reminder that we are heavy-laden on our own, but burdens are light when we pause and seek Him. Happy Thanksgiving!

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