Five Minute Friday: Tree — 39 Comments

  1. this was beautiful – to be drinking of the Living Water, so that we may offer coolness, rest, refreshing. a picture of our lives poured out for others – yes and amen! thank you for these words, barbie!

  2. I love that imagery and never thought about when we are a strong tree (of God’s, figuratively as you spoke here) we do provide shade, comfort, fun (climbing!) to others in our lives. I love Psalm 1 where it talks about being a tree planted by the streams. Love it! Good word 🙂


  3. So do I, Barbie! Jeremiah 17:8 is a verse I’ve been thinking about lately (in fact, it’s in my post from today!)

    Blessings to you!

    In Him, Joan

    P.S. Your blog looks great! I love the latest addition of the box to click to continue reading!

    • I would love to root next to you my friend! I wish I had taken this picture. I really need to snap more photos when I’m out and about. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Yes, me too! Thank you for putting this so simply, so beautifully. I am so very thankful for your heart and your words that I don’t read often enough! May you be blessed this weekend as you sink deep down into our great and faithful God!

  5. Dear Barbie
    I hear your heart’s cry to be like a tree planted by the streets of Living Water, and I was reminded of how this is precisely where we are planted when we come to Jesus and learn to abide in Him!! I know your leaves have the beautiful ability to always stay green no matter the season you go through.
    Blessings XX

  6. I think we are already like trees. When we are in His Word and seeking Him-it is working through us, changing us, always for the better. AMEN!!

  7. We are late night neighbors over at Lisa Jo’s tonight/this morning! 😉 How much do I love that?

    I want to be like a tree too… roots down deep, offering shelter and a place of refuge! That is actually what my name means! “A resting place beside still waters”

    Love you girlie!

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