Take Me Away (Three Word Wednesday) — 11 Comments

  1. Oh yes…take me away! This is what I need…quiet time with Him. I feel such a need to let him refresh this weary heart. I keep waiting for everything to slow down but I need to stop waiting and be still with Him.
    And girl… your words do bring about change in my life. You continue to be such a blessing to me. I’m so very grateful God brought us together in this blogging world.
    Love you!!

  2. I’ve definitely had my Calgon moments lately. But less of me means more of God, I’ve been depending on Him so much that I almost (almost) don’t want the storm to pass just bc I have enjoyed the closer fellowship with him. I know when things are going like they are supposed to I’m not as needy and dependent. That secret place is where I want to stay, always.

    • That’s so true. When there are storms looming, we tuck ourselves under the shadow of His wing, stay tight in Him. Longing to steal away with Him! Thanks for stopping by Alecia!

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