The Weekend Brew: In Plenty And In Want — 35 Comments

  1. Have I told you how much I love you? :)))

    You bless me with your words and always seem to share exactly what I need to hear. Love how God works that way.

    Have a blessed Sunday friend.

  2. Learning to lean on His strength and to be thankful in all circumstances is one of the hardest things in this Christian journey. It is so counter to what the world tells us. So it is a process of staying in Him and His word. He will bring us along.

  3. Hi Barbie! I’m linking with Weekend Brew for the first time and look forward to sharing more in the future – and getting to know you and the other bloggers better through our sharing together in God’s Word. I am feeling the smack of your post today – you have described me this very day. I have been struggling with doubt and discouragement through a financial downturn even though I know the Lord has promised provision for the vision I am walking in. How small our faith sometimes – so glad Jesus gives Grace and Faith so freely! My five part series this week on the Plimoth Plantation Thanksgiving is a testament to His abundant gifts and purposes – purposes beyond a full pantry. May you know Him and His gifts richly this Thanksgiving week!
    Kathryn Ross (Miss Kathy)

  4. Amen, Barbie! Sometimes it is in those low places where I feel safest. I am out of the way so God can move and I relinquish my control and expectations to His will. I need to be there right now as a matter of fact! blessings to you this weekend…love, Rachael

    • Yes! I agree. Laura Hackett has a song that talks about the river rushing to the lowest place. That’s where I’d like to stay. Blessings!

  5. “I must be brought low so that I can see higher, climb higher and understand that truly I only have that which He gives me the strength to possess.” – wonderfully encouraging, Barbie!

  6. Barbie – I am always caught up by your beautiful heart whenever I come here. Oh to rejoice in all things…to give praise, not just in our abundant, but in our lack! I agree, rejoicing in hardships can be a difficult thing, for sure…but so, so powerful, when we do! Thanks for leaving us with the power of scripture that assures us, “We can do all things in Him who strengthens us”! Such hope for the day, friend! Thank you! ~ Jen

  7. An inspiring post today, Barbie, drawn from a favorite passage of mine. So powerful, those words — “I can do all things through Christ” — when we remember the context in which they are said.

    Loved this sentence of yours: “I am thankful that He continually brings me to a place of recognizing my need of Him.”

    Our neediness. His strength. Designed for each other…

    As you write, being grateful in our need is such a challenge. But so is being needy in our gratitude: for in times of plenty, it can be so easy to lose sight of how empty, weak, and undeserving we truly are BUT FOR HIM.

    Grateful for His Grace, in all things, with thanks for these much-needed reminders today…


  8. Hi Barbie, that’s one of my favorite scriptures, and one of the most frequently referenced out of context (so we just learned in Theology). I’m learning to be content in all circumstances and grateful for the good gifts from our Lord in the lean and plenty. He is all we need now and in the end! I just love your blog.

  9. Such beautiful words, as always, my friend. You have really made me stop on read this verse this morning. I love how you do that!!
    Have a blessed Saturday.
    Love you.

  10. God always meets our needs, doesn’t He? You are so right…I don’t need to complain for He has blessed me. And, the greatest gift He has given is that of Himself! In Him, we are truly blessed!

    In His grip, Joan

  11. So often we spout the final sentence in those verses, Barbie. Thank you for sharing both and putting it all together as a thoughtful reminder of how we are to live. Being thankful when there’s only oatmeal in the cupboard for the main meal and seeing the grace in realizing that there is cocoa and sugar to dress up the meal of oatmeal was a lesson I had to learn. Yet, that week of oatmeal was a blessing. And the week later when we could buy a chicken to roast and make soup seemed like a feast. We really can do all things in his strength can’t we?

    May your weekend be filled with his presence and strength.

  12. Dear Barbie
    Humbling ourselves under the mighty, yet generous loving Hand of our Pappa is a prerequisite of following Jesus. But He promises that after a little while He will lift us up in His glory, my friend. When that complaining monster wants to suffocate my heart, I have learned to give my spirit into Pappa’s hands and like Jesus, I ask Him to glorify His name. Barbie, He just picks us up and carries us through the trials! You always encourage me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Blessings XX

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