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  1. mmm.. THIS post brought a sense of rest just reading it.
    so much resonated with me.

    it’s not a scripture but an old hymn i like to play on the piano when i’m feeling overwhelmed is, “burdens are lifted at calvary.” the words always lift me and remind me where to run when i feel i can’t keep on~

  2. Barbie, God has recently spoken a word about *rest* to me, too (posted about it this week). Wearied by this year, I was so relieved to have Him tell me that it’s OK to stop and sit and restore/revive. In fact, it was exactly what He was calling me to do. Sometimes the enemy can keep us complacent when we’re supposed to act – but he can also keep us busy (and frantic) when we’re supposed to rest.

    What brings me comfort? God speaking to me – through His inner voice – and through His Word. Nothing calms my spirit and reassures my soul like Him. The One whose yoke is easy, and whose burden is light.

    We never walk alone.


  3. Whoa I love the fresh look of your blog! It is beautiful to see the work of your hands.

    I’m glad you are seeking rest & restoration right now…God will give you the season to share all the inner workings of your heart. For now, I pray you rest and find His purpose in the stillness. -Rachel

  4. Barbie, I’d like to add an “R” word to your list — “refresh.” The Scripture that comes to mind is Proverbs 11:25: ” A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” I am always so encouraged and refreshed whenever I visit your blog. Praying tonight for Him to refresh and renew your spirit. Hugs

  5. Keeping you in my prayers dear Barbie! Lean on Him, rest in Him, receive nourishment from His word and revive yourself by diving into the Living Water. Sending you love and hugs, Natasha

  6. You need a good rest friend. I am so proud of you, and what you have accomplished. YOUR BLOG… looks amazing. I’m jealous ;-). I’m praying your time in the word refreshes and refuels.

    • Oh friend, you are such an encouragement to my heart. And the new blog, I sort of stumbled upon it. But I am in love with it. Have a blessed week!

  7. You have such a beautiful and transparent heart Barbie. Blessings and love as you listen to God’s voice and take a much needed rest to restore and revive sweet sister!

    Prayers and hugs!

  8. Barbie, you and I are in very similar seasons. I have been praying for rest and restoration, and although I still have a lot of obligations that are giving me stress, God is providing me both those things! Especially this weekend. Thank you for sharing your heart!! Love you!

  9. Hi Barbie! Your post speaks to me today, reminding me again that if we labor we labor for Him. The lovely scriptures you included attest to His desire that the labor not be in vain or beat us down . The invitation to “come” and lay it down is always available. Bless you as you respond to the call of rest…and in so doing, find refreshment.

  10. Wow, Barbie! You wrote the post I’ve been thinking about writing all week! ” I never want to write just for the sake of writing.” I spoke these exact words today! Your post was confirmation for me. Thank you for sharing from the heart!

  11. Your bench, your words, and the precious promises of truth offer such an invitation to rest and be restored. May He lead you beside quiet waters this weekend and the week to come.

  12. Barbie, how I understand the place you are in. God’s Word is our assurance for all that we need for this day. Resting in Him is all you need. Praying with and for you.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  13. Resting awhile at His feet…that is what is on my heart this weekend. And Psalm 27 is my favorite place to hang out. Barbie, I wish I could sit across the table at a coffee shop and encourage you. One of these days we will have to make that happen! Be blessed and Be rested in His presence this weekend! Love, Rachael

  14. 1 Peter 5:7 ~ Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
    Barbie…I know the spot where you are. When you have spent it all. For me it wasn’t in writing…it was in serving. When I need to rest and be restored I find that I must again lay it all down at his feet. This verse is a good place for me to start. Just reading or reciting it is a release. And then…a walk in nature also seems to feed my spirit as well. It’s like worshiping in his sanctuary.
    May you find times of quiet and worship to restore your soul this weekend.

  15. Dear Barbie
    One thing that is just common sense in whatever aspect of our lives, is that we cannot give what we do not have! When you need to force yourself to write from the mind, it will lack the Life of Jesus. But these honest words of melancholy is filled with truth and His life. This speaks to my heart for it is all you are able to give right now. And guess what! It is enough. Rest and be still in the presence of the Restorer of our hearts and souls, my friend! Praying for you.
    Blessings XX

  16. Rest is the best! That and soaking in the Word is the answer to being revived. Prayers for you this morning. Just experienced this and am glad I took the much-needed rest. Blessings…

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