The Weekend Brew: You Steady My Heart — 42 Comments

  1. I love listening to praise music, too, Barbie. And I remember I ordered this latest album of Kari Jobe from and still waiting for its arrival. Yes, the lyrics resonate with me, too :). Have a blessed week ahead!

  2. Love, love Kari Jobe…she has the voice of an angel. I am so grateful that I am able to run to Him, aren’t you? Thanks so much for giving s all the opportunity to share with each other, Barbie . Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Hi Barbie,

    Love your fall photos and the new button, just updated it on my link-up page. I know that song, the words are just so perfect and comforting and just a bit of God is for us. Yet He is so much more.


  4. Oh, yes, boy do I need Him to steady my heart! Amen, some songs tear at my mama heart strings easily these days! Pray I’m not the only one with a quivering chin. Have a blessed Sunday!

    • Oh yes Carrie, I know. When I heard this song and thought about this post, it was because of a mama moment, one that I’m not proud of. Hang in there!

  5. Can I say – I LOVE the new look here Barbie! I loved the old look to – but this is so clean and refreshing and nice! Also – #sorrynotsorry… I saw Kari Jobe live last wknd at Women of Faith and oh my stars, not only is she stinking adorable – but the girl has a heart for worship and just brings us all right in to His Presence with her!

    • Thanks Karrilee! And I thought of you when I wrote this post and how jealous I was that you got to experience her heart of worship in person. Ha! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Love your new home here on the web!
    I so enjoy the words and music that Kari Jobe offers; thanks for sharing this song. It’s always good to be reminded of such truth in music.
    Steadied heart,

    • Thank you Cathy! That’s the beauty of “stock photos”. Gasp, I know! I need to take more photos for this new blog of mine. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Love that song- I will check out her music based on Lyli’s comment, above! How do you manage all of these Blog makeovers! Looks beautiful and the new button is adorable. Happy weekending, Barbie- one breath at a time.

    • Well, I stumbled upon this one, asking for help with something in a FB forum, but after I found this new theme, called “Beautiful” well I just had to have it. And it all went on from there. Thankfully, my hubby allows me to save up money for one redo a year, but the thing I love about this one, is because I can change the photo header, I can get this one forever! And the gal who does my buttons, well I just love her and she’s pretty inexpensive. LOVE my new button for TWB. Been praying for you. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  8. Dear Barbie
    I love the new look of your blog. It looks so fresh and clean. Barbie, you don’t need to keep anything together before your Beloved and you can cry your heart out before Him, not just singing His praises! Even if the whole world rejects you, He gathers you into His arms with great delight, singing songs of joy over you and loves you as if you were His one and only!
    Blessings XX

    • Mia, you always have the right words to say that touch my heart deeply. Thank you for ministering to my heart this morning. Hugs!

  9. Such meaningful lyrics. I think one of God’s greatest accomplishments was creating music, and giving us the gifts to put it all together in a song. What a blessing.

    • Oh Diane, I have to confess these pictures are not mine, but stock photos. I am trying to take more photos and to use them in my banner. Another thing I’d like to do is find other bloggers who have photos that I can purchase. I’d rather support those I know and love than those on Fotolio, although I do have an eye for pulling good ones! Happy weekend!

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