Embracing The Simple Joy of Letting Go — 12 Comments

  1. I always trust your words to be true and fully from your heart. Life is messy and we are not perfect, but God is so good and I see that over and over through your posts and your heart! I am needing to remember to let go of busy. Life is busy and I can’t change schedules and preparations for hospitality opportunities, but I can let go of the busy in my heart, not let it rule me or cause anxiety or stress. I get done what I can after my time with the Lord each day, and if I have a day to linger a little while longer with Him I do, despite my long to-do list. Blessings to you, Barbie! I think I won a copy of your book and I am so excited to read it soon:) Love, Rachael

  2. Oh sweet friend. There were a couple times I almost reached out to you today because I was feeling weary. And my weariness was over this desire to be perfect, to have it all together, to have beautiful words, to have the right gifts, and so on. I needed to know am I the only one. Then I come here and read your beautiful heart. It was as though you were responding to all those thoughts I wanted to share but was too scared to say out loud.
    You are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t say enough how grateful I am that God put you in my life. You have a special gift. Love you.

    • YOU my friend are such a blessing. And please, reach out to me any time. I am here for you. So thankful God met you here today. Hugs!

  3. Barbie, some days I think you and I are two peas in a pod. This is why I wasn’t able to finish my gratitude series last month. I felt overwhelmed, like I had bitten off more than I could realistically chew. In the midst of it all I felt God saying, “where are you, Rosann?” I had missed day after day of time with him and I was feeling spiritually empty. Then I got your book and started reading that in the morning and your words – God’s words – filled me up again. It got me back on track again. Thank you so much for that gift! You have no idea how much I needed it. I, too, seem to be a recovering perfectionist. I always want things to go perfectly, to look perfect, but I’m just a mess underneath it all. I’m so blessed to know you and feel like even though we live clear across the nation from each other, we can “grasp hands” and journey this call to “let go” together. 🙂 That’s yet another reason I’m pushing forward with my new site and letting go of the old.

    • So thankful for you Rosann! So grateful to know how God uses my little book to bless you! I waiting for the launch of your site! Can’t wait.

  4. I feel like you wrote this knowing exactly how I have been feeling! It is beautiful and totally something I needed to read. I need to let all of that go and more. Thank you!

  5. Hi Barbie
    Oh, I cannot agree more with your words that God did not create us to try to bring Him glory through our own efforts. He does not share His glory with anyone. But He does want so very much to live in us and through us and that, all for His glory alone. My friend, perfect people usually don’t believe they need God. Best of all, the illusion of their perfectness is usually only in their mind, lies from the evil one. Truth is, we are all imperfect so that the only Perfect One can live His perfection through us. All we need to do is to abide in Him.
    Blessings XX

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