Taking Off The Old, Putting On The New — 36 Comments

  1. The label that comes to mind, that I’m throwing off in 2014, is “wounded”. Fortunately, I know God will help me with this and will heal me when I look to Him. As I’m writing this comment, an old song just came to mind!! Do you know it? It is called “I Will Change Your Name”

    I learned it at a women’s retreat about 10 years ago…What a blessing it is that we all have a new name with Christ!

    Blessings, Joan

  2. Oh, how I’d love to shed the ugly “D” word from my mind. Doubt. It’s plagued me since childhood and of course along the home school journey, it rears its ugliness daily. I’ve got to remember it is God who equips us in all our needs. If only we ask…Bless you, Barbie!

  3. Barbie, I pray your Christmas was joyous and merry! More than that, though, I am always inspired to believe God for the best He has for me when I visit here. And I am leaving today renewed in my desire to please Him in all I do and say in 2014. Beloved, Cherished, Redeemed, and all of those beautiful thoughts that our Good God holds toward us… yes indeed! A big New Year’s Hug from me to you, sweet Barbie!

  4. I love this blogpost. Thank you for thinking about it and writing this. I think I should let go mourning and sorrow … and receive joy in Jesus in 2014

    Happy New Year for you.

    • Oh Wanda, me too! I so want to get back to writing, to sharing my heart, His words and it seems like I can’t quite get to the depth of it. Praying for greater revelation for both of us in the coming year!

  5. Barbie, your words have given me feelings afresh for where God will plant my feet in this new year. I have been pondering the word I will be focusing on, but your words have given me some added depth to think about. Glad I linked up.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  6. Faith. Grace. Cherished. Loved. Adored. Beloved.
    I love what you are wearing for 2014!! You will shine this year and glow with the inner glow that only the Holy Spirit can bring. 🙂

    I am letting go of fear of man and running off the cliff of human safety into the hands of Father, trusting He is there to catch me when I jump. Pray for me, for this is very scary.


  7. I think I’m going to borrow yours, especially the last one. I want to be “cherished, loved, and adored.” I also want to replace broken with whole or “made new”. Happy new year.

  8. You know, Barbie, Release was my word last year…and this has been a painful year of letting go of every expectation, plan, and even a bit of hope, so that He might do something completely different in my life…and that of my family. I have not “lost” hope, just laid my hope before Him and am waiting for Him to return it, purged, precious and renewed, back to me. So for me this year…it’s really about my hope in Him, completely displacing my hope in anything, anyone, even myself…

    Your words are a great blessing! Can’t wait to read your book…OK, I’ve been peeking but wanted to save it for the New Year!


    • And He will return it to you, my friend! I’m not picking a One Word focus this year. Hope to blog my why soon. Oh, I hope you enjoy my book. Praying the words bless you and encourage you when you need them the most.

  9. Dear Barbie
    It is still so beautiful to me to see how you have grown deeper and deeper into Jesus the last year. I also pray that Pappa will enable you to see yourself through your eyes. These things always is a matter of revelation from God.
    Blessings XX

  10. I love the days after Christmas & leading up to the new year. It is always a time to reflect not only on the year gone by but to anticipate the year arriving. For me, I want a new year marked by faith & prayer & believing God for more. I want to let go of fear & doubt.

    Barbie, may you & your family have a blessed New Year!

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