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  1. Wonderful post! We should never compare ourselves to others. When I find myself doing so, I give myself a gentle “soul-tap” and remember the One who created me. I love Him and He loves me. I am who I need to be and growing in faith, daily. Thank you, for such a wonderful post! Blessings!

  2. My first thought was: Ok, but you do not really know me. I am an ugly woman. Idd with short eyelashes, freckles, wrinkles and first gray hair between the rusty brown. Therefore, I am unseen. But reading and reading, your word touches me. I hear God’s voice. Thank you. I remember again: I am precious in his eyes. Not beautiful. But I’m am beginning to believe I am loved and precious. 🙂

    Liefs/ warmly

    • Oh but my friend, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. He says in His Word that you are. I have a hard time believing this as truth too. Let’s take this journey together. You are beautiful!

  3. You are beautiful! I need to keep this post close as I make my way to the conference this weekend, and throughout the weekend, as I know I will need this reminder.
    Love you,

    • I am so excited for you my friend. I cant’ wait to hear about the conference. You are beautiful and such an encouragement to my heart. Such a gift!

  4. Wonderfully sweet Barbie. That is a great question – when did I start feeling like I didn’t reach the mark? It starts so young with girls.

    The other day some women told me they loved my hair pulled back off of my face (with no bangs). I sent a picture of it back to a friend of mine to get her opinion before I decided to get my hair cut. She replied, “You have too high of a forehead. I like the bangs.” She LOVES me and is a dear friend, but her words pierced. I would never tell her that, but where did that whole thing start that people with high foreheads have to hide them — as if it is embarrassing — a flaw?

    With the bangs I feel like I am hiding — with them pulled back I felt so naked and exposed. It is so strange. I thought about writing a post about it but I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.


    • Oh friend, I’ve been so there. I love my short hair, and for a while people would comment on how they liked me better with longer hair, how it made me look “younger” and “thinner”. Why can’t people keep such comments to themselves? Well, you are beautiful and a beautiful gift to me!

  5. Well, I think THIS post should be on every grocery store check-out aisle! This is just what every one of us needs to hear, and read. Thank you, Barbie, for sharing something so beautiful and true. Blessings to you!

  6. Some days I believe it, some days I doubt it. How the body of Christ needs to speak it to one another. That the beauty of Christ will be reflected all around. Thank you for speaking it!

  7. Dear Barbie
    Our Lord looks at us with different eyes than the world and I wish everyone could see themselves the way He sees them. Even if you were the only person that ever walked this earth, Jesus would still have died for you. He just has no favorites! Or I should rather say that every single soul is His favorite.
    Blessings XX

  8. This is lovely, Barbie. Thank you. My struggle is in the thought of being unlovable. Not because my heart isn’t soft, but because of being hurt. I think to myself, “Why did this happen? Why doesn’t she love me anymore? What have I done?” But I need to remember that God loves me…and that makes me lovable. And, because of His love for me, He encourages me everyday. This blog post is proof.

    Blessings, Joan

    • Oh friend, I wish I live closer so I could give you a big hug. You are indeed lovable. Nothing will ever change that. Blessings!

  9. The “dark circles” made me smile, Barbie. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror yesterday. With my recent surgery and the things going on with my mom, I feel like life is draining me dry. It’s good to remember that He sees me as beautiful.
    Hugs to you 🙂

    • I’ve been praying for you Susan. Yes, He sees you beautiful. Praying He holds you close and continues to strengthen your heart.

  10. I think you hit the nail on the head: comparison causes our understanding of how God sees us to falter. We must only view ourselves through His eyes! I had to laugh a little when you saw little children and thought “simplicity.” I have little children and the word that comes to my mind is “chaos.” But I totally understand the simplicity of their love and expression of it! Thank you for this post, Barbie!

    • Oh yes, life with children can be chaotic, but they do show me the simple side of love and beauty. Thankful you stopped by Alisa!

  11. Barbie, thank you for this beautiful post. I have struggled with this very thing most of my life and learned to compensate by having an outgoing personality and a strong sense of humor. Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying but I am thankful that through the years, as I have grown in my relationship with Jesus, He has shown me that we all have His beauty in us and we need to let it shine! 🙂


    • I cannot think about “beautiful” without being reminded of who it is that calls me beautiful. Love Song of Solomon. Hope you’re having a great week.

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