Five Minute Friday: Encouragement — 32 Comments

  1. From the ultimate encouraging heart, yours! I love this so much Barbie – because it speaks to the beauty God knit you together with. And we are blessed by it.

  2. Oh, yes, Barbie! Encouragement comes in so many forms and really, it’s so easy to give. Love the list! Makes me realize how so many simple things can bring such bright hope. Thanks for always being that to me! Hope you have a lovely weekend, friend!

  3. Dear Barbie
    As I was reading your words, I realized that all these ways of encouragement are born in the heart of the great Encourager!
    Blessings xx

  4. Lovely list of encouragements, Barbie! I never thought exactly about how they come to me, but this is a good representation. You are an encourager! So glad to always see your smiling face at Lisa-Jo’s on Friday.

  5. Hi Barbie, visiting from FmF. Your list is wonderful and after posting this comment I am going to sent a few sms’s to my amazing friends that encourages me and are there for me.
    I’m sending some sunshine and warmth your way from sunny South Africa.

  6. Beautiful, Barbie! I find encouragement in the community of Christian bloggers I have met and how God uses them to share His word and His love!

    Blessings, Joan

  7. Barbie,
    You are an encouragement!
    I loved your thought pictures as I imagined and remembered so many sweet encouragements in my own life.
    Chocolate encouragement – now that gets an Amen! And coffee encouragement, ahh, yes.
    So grateful to be in a word-weaver community with you and to find you on FMF as well.

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