Five Minute Friday: See — 36 Comments

    • Thanks Dawn. My best friend is quite the photographer, and she graciously gives me permission to use her photos on my blog. Love ya!

  1. I agree! So much in life really is all about our perspective. Things can get blown out of proportion in a heartbeat with the wrong perspective. And the opposite can be true – something small can be a great blessing when viewed through the correct perspective. Thanks for sharing this with the FMF community today!

  2. Oh yes I struggle with poor vision naturally and spiritually as well. May both our eyes be open to see things as He sees them. Have a great weekend Barbie.

  3. Love this reminder that we DO have a choice about how we walk through our day and see our lives. This is such a beautiful reminder to choose Him, to choose beauty, and to choose joy. Blessings to you, friend.

  4. Dear Barbie
    Oh, I agree that we often times feel the way we perceive life as it happens around us. A pile of dirty dishes tells the story of a load of work waiting to be done or the story of a happy evening around the dinner table with your family with food to fill their grumbling tummies! And when the eyes of our heart are fixed on Jesus, the whole world shines with His glory.
    Blessings XX

  5. “Or will I stop long enough to stare at the pile of dirty dishes and recount His countless provision which has showered our family in this season of lack?”
    Oh, yes… that is the perspective I WANT and CRAVE every day!

    “I do not have perfect vision. I wear corrective lenses. My spiritual eyes need correcting as well.”
    Yes, again, yes…
    Love this … stopped in from FMF

  6. Wonderful post my dearest Barbie!!!! Such true words!!! May He open our eyes to see more like Him this new year!!! happy and blessed New Year my dear friend!!! Much love and blessings, Natasha

  7. My spiritual eyes need correcting as well.
    What a great reminder to my heart this morning! Fixing my eyes on Him……..
    I am glad to have found you on FMF!

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