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  1. What I believe you write to, is the sky. The sun is The Son. The Daughter encourages. And in a world where everyone works to be sharp (read: interesting), she is not acknowledged.

    I wish you and your family a terrific weekend!

  2. So wonderful. I need a friend like you to have coffee with. I love virtual connections, but nothing beats the physical. My prayer request is for physical connections like the one you describe where I can bless others and be blessed as well. Thanks for sharing. I pray God will continue to enrich your life with close and virtual friends. 😉

  3. How much fun would it be to just sit face to face to share life with one another. To not have a computer screen between us. To be able to hear the fluctuation in her voice or see the joy in another’s eyes. One day that will happen and I can’t wait.

  4. 🙂 We ARE better together, this community of women. I hope that chat over coffee, tea, and chocolate will happen someday, my friend! Blessings today. 🙂

  5. Oh that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? It has been great to get to know you over these past couple of years…you are a gift to me and I thank you for being my blogging friend! And it’s more than that…you are my friend in Christ! There is no better type of friend!! Enjoy your day and your weekend, Barbie!

    Blessings, Joan

  6. Oh Barbie, how this resonated so. There are so many dear hearts in this world that I wish I could just have them in, spend time over the table of coffee/tea and shared moments. And the heart sharing, the hand squeezing and the prayer lifting..its a blessing and a gift. such grace He bestows on us. I believe we were made to share our stories. I believe we were made for communion and community. This speaks to me of those things. Thank you.

  7. Oh my friend – I love this! And we have talked… you know how much I would ADORE the chance for coffee in real life! And this: “I want to see His light shining through you, because so many times it was His light shining through you that has helped me become who I am today.” So Much Amen, sweet friend! So Much Amen!

  8. Hey, Barbie!
    How fun to link up right after you at FMF tonight!
    I’d take you up on the hug, the coffee and the much chocolate.
    I love that God has answered the desire of our hearts and His — community, body, belonging, encouragement.
    I’ll join you in that prayer.
    ~ Patty

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