Five Minute Friday: Choose — 33 Comments

  1. Barbie, do you even have any idea how refreshing your words are to my heart, sometimes? Yes. Just… yes. Coming away and sitting at the feet of our Master to be taught and loved on by Him, right alongside you, my friend.

    I pray that God blesses this time with Him BIG and refreshed your soul.

  2. sometimes being still really is the hardest easy thing to do…i like to lay down and curl up like a child…maybe let the sun light shine on me and just quietly talk to God like I would to my dad…it is refreshing …so often…I think? Is He listening? Was that Him or me? Sometimes the quiet is scary at first

    • That’s so true Somer. The quiet can be a scary place, but I know that God is there and so I just take His hand and trust Him. Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. You know how I am walking this same journey as you, Barbie. Be still, yes. He is with us. Leading us on. He chose us, stepped into time to bring us to Himself and we think we have to ‘pay’ Him back—cheap grace. When we stop we see how many idols we have made of good things.
    Praying for you Barbie.
    Let’s feast on the gospel together, shall we and sit at his feet and adore Him.
    Love to you,

  4. Oh this is beautiful- keep choosing Him. I know this feeling your going through. Over the summer I took two weeks off and it was lonely and refreshing at the same time. But worth it all. I was just reading about when Jesus made the water into wine- I’ve have always missed this point until today- Jesus fills empty vessels. Only He can fill us. So sit and fill up. We all love you.

  5. Barbie, your heart for God and his leading in your life always amazes me. I thought of you earlier this week when I had to make a choice about something somewhat similar. I’ve written about in my FMF post today. I know you’ll understand my choice, just as I understand yours.

    Blessings on your weekend and coming week!

  6. I think He is calling a lot of us (back) into that Secret Place. We can pour out and pour out and even love it when we’re doing it but not really notice that we ourselves are tapped out and dry!

    So blessed that you are listening and following His lead. It’s in your nature to bless and to encourage… you do it without even thinking – so really, we ALL benefit when you steal away and sit with Him! You are missed… but you are prayed for as well! And whenever He leads you back to this space – for a post here and there or a season of daily – we are refreshed! (And when it’s quiet around here… it reminds us to go be quiet too!)

    Love you Barbie!

    • I love you Karrilee. You always know how to encourage my heart. Thank you for walking alongside of me in this season.

  7. Oh how much I needed this today. I NEED to realize and accept that being still is ok…and that sometimes I just need to listen. (Not run away, just stop and breathe Him in. If that makes sense.) I’m praying for you, friend…thanks for sharing your heart. 🙂

  8. It’s hardest when we can’t “feel” Him working. But He is, dear one, your trust is well placed. The desert will once again burst forth with fragrant flowers! You are in my prayers today.

  9. Hi Barbie! Loved seeing your post pop up in my reader! Hope you are doing great. Love your post…. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy. But taking time to be still with the Lord is always so incredibly refreshing. Happy Friday Friend!!

  10. Keep choosing Him, my friend. You are inspiring me to do the same. He is everything we need. And you are still encouraging our hearts along the way. Love you so much.

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