The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted {Review & Giveaway} — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie. Your post meant a lot to me. I love how the Lord makes sure we hear Him and know He hears us. The chapter that intrigues me the most, “Listen to me!” I do feel unheard and I certainly mess up royally when I try to be heard. God bless and thanks for being transparent! It certainly helps those of us who need to read this.

  2. Thanks friend. I loved what you said was your favorite chapter of the book since I’m feeling as though the main place God intends to grow my marriage this year is in our communication. I’d love to be able to read. 🙂
    Love you.

  3. Even after 20 years of marriage we’re still working to figure out the best way to continually love each and continually be loving. Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed the love languages, sounds like I’m going to have to add this one to my library. Hope you’re staying warm!

    • Marriage is such a journey, isn’t it Diana? We will never fully arrive this side of heaven, but we can get close. The weather here in California has been very nice this week. Hugs!

  4. Very nice giveaway! I’m most interested in the Love and Money chapter as well. It’s the one issue that keeps coming up that seems hard to talk about without either of us getting defensive.

  5. Thanks for hosting this giveaway Barbie! I’m excited to learn more about this book. We loved the 5 Love Languages also. I think the chapter I’m most intrigued about is love and money because I know that’s often a touchy subject. But really, I’d love to read the whole book! 🙂

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