When The Rains Come: {Guest Post by Amy Patton of Marching Through Life} — 6 Comments

  1. Winter can be such a bleak time but we can hold on knowing that spring will return again. The storms of life make me so much more grateful when spring does arrive again. Thankful for God’s promises.

  2. The blessing here for me is what the Lord told you, and therein is the privilege of the Christian life. I can read a book that tells me spring is coming, a friend can tell me my suffering will reap a reward, but all of this falls on deaf ears. However, when the Lord explains these things, I’m comforted. Testimonies are powerful things because while he may not have explained my “winter,” he’s explained yours. And I’ll apply that message to my life. Thanks for sharing your story. Diane

  3. It has been a winter season health wise here too but I know God’s will is that I am well. He loves me! I believe that for all 🙂 I take each day as it comes and soak in His goodness and Grace.

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