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  1. Hello sweet friend. I’ve missed you too. While I have not been uprooted from my home, I did spent the first half of our marriage believing more “stuff” was what we needed to finally be happy. My desire for more put us in a significant amount of debt because my husband was always trying to make me happy. We are still pulling our way out of that debt. In a Bible study lesson last night we talked about how God allows suffering in our lives. Often we pray for the suffering to be taken from us, but He may not always want to take it away but to take us through it. Through it He builds are faith in Him…strengthens our faith in Him. I learned a lesson I needed to learn on how stuff is just that…stuff. There are times still when I need to remind myself of that. Your words are always an inspiration to me. Praying for you and wishing we were close enough to meet for a cup of coffee.
    Much love,

  2. Wow. This is beautiful. We moved last summer and uprooted 10 years of life. I also left the home we poured ourselves into. It has been quite a journey for us and our 6 kiddos. What I am finding on this end of it is a closeness to God that I had missed when we were in our comfort zone. Thank you for sharing this. Praying for your rest and filling. You have so much more to tell.

    • Thank you so much Karin. When we become uprooted from that which we’ve known, it is for the purpose of drawing us closer to God. So thankful to hear that in your season of moving He drew you closer.

  3. Hi Barbie! I know this must have been so hard to write, to walk through a difficult time with so many memories and questions. But you’ve done a beautiful job here. My heart ached with you when you spoke of losing your lovingly built dream home. Be encouraged that the love is with you wherever you go…with continued good health and family unity you can make it through this. You already are and you’re right he is with you. Be blessed!

    • Thank you for your encouragement Lisha. I’ve shared bits of my story before, but it’s been a long time, and every time I do it stirs up certain emotions. So thankful that God dwells in me, and not in a physical home. Blessings!

  4. We’ve always been a bit nomadic. We’ve moved a jillion times within our small town and I never get too attached to our rental homes so I don’t have that bond with place like you did but I know all about dreams that get taken away and disappointment. You’ve written about loss and safety and girlhood dreams and finding your way back to the place that was home all along. Love that you joined in, Barbie. I know you’re taking a break and I totally get it but don’t stop writing. Even if it’s just for you sometimes. You’ve got a story to tell, friend.

  5. Beautifully said. We’ve never lost a home but did lose our beautiful new church building due to a very unjust lawsuit from a former denomination. We could not keep up the payments because of the horrendous lawyer fees. We went from meeting in a beautiful place on a main thoroughfare to a dumpy little storefront tucked away in the seedy part of our city. It was during those years that we made the biggest impact on reaching street kids and broken people. Now, 13 years later, we have our own lovely building again. I can look back and say with assurance that God knew exactly what He was doing and all of it was and is good.

    • Wow, Elizabeth I cannot imagine. That must have been such a hard season. So thankful to hear what God has done in your church. Have a blessed tomorrow.

  6. Oh Barbie, I can so relate to this! As you know, I too had to move from my comfortable home that I thought was mine. It was 2010 when my husband and I left and moved into a friend’s rental home. Two years later we moved back in to town but to a tiny condo that is quite old and not updated. However, we’ve been able to create a home even here. No we don’t have anything fancy but it has focused my heart on what’s really important. These material things are only temporary. But God’s love is lasting. He is my refuge and my dwelling place. I am learning to look for every day blessings and to be continually thankful.

    Love you my friend,

    • I’ve loved getting to know you and hear about the journey God has you on. He’s proven so faithful, hasn’t He? Love you my friend!

  7. Barbie, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, how we’re just pilgrims here, passing through to our homeland. And I’m thankful the Lord allows challenges in my life to help me remember this, because I so often forget and look for security and comfort in this world. But all we do, wherever we are, really matters, presenting opportunity to sow to the eternal – that which is truly secure. Anyway, thankful for your words today. You’re always an encouragement.

    • Jacqui, thank you for reading! I am so thankful that we are just passing through this life. So thankful that these early sacrifices we make will have eternal rewards.

  8. Barbie, I’m so glad you are writing again! In His time, He has given you this beautiful story to share. Oh, I understand how hard it was, and probably still is, to surrender this to the Lord. I still keep talking about moving back to California to be with my extended family–and that’s after 20 years here in Arizona. We’ve made friends, have a good church, have a home we could never have in California–and yet there’s still that tug on my heart.
    The perfect home has sent me into downward spirals too often. I have a “Holly Hobbie” complex, that the Lord worked hard to rid me of. It was like tearing out my heart, and He still has more to do to have that fully surrendered along with other situations in my life.
    Surrender is an ongoing process that the Lord does to refine us and make us more like Himself.
    Love you,

    • Janis, thank you for stopping by and encouraging my heart. I’ve visited Arizona before and wow, it can get hot. How long did it take you to adjust to the weather there? I am so thankful that God knows exactly where we need to be! Blessings!

  9. Well, Girl, you can write! The best part was the yielding. I can’t wait to see what treasure you’ve dug up in the beauty of yielding. The secret of yielding is the reward of peace in the Prince of Peace, healing in the Healer and of course living in the Giver of Abundant Life. Love you through the miles and can’t wait watch what He’s doing now.

  10. My heart aches for you in the loss of your home, Barbie, because while my circumstances were slightly different, they really weren’t all that different. My point is, I can relate. I know the emotion you went through and still struggle with. I’m praying for you, friend. I know God is faithful and I know He wants to give you the desires of your heart. I’m standing firm in faith that one day, He most definitely will.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story; you write beautifully. I think many can relate to your story, even if we have not lost a home. In that I mean giving control over to God is so much easy said (or typed) than done. Keep moving forward, always seek God’s will first and keep writing! xo

  12. Beautifully written!
    Sometimes our dreams are torn away from us not because they are not good for us but because Father wants to make us grow, like a plant being transplanted. The process hurts the plant and sometimes it looks like it’s dying but given the right soil, light and water, it soon thrives and grows like crazy.

    Loved reading this.

  13. I can relate to this post. It hasn’t been easy, but through the grace of God I can now understand and appreciate Philippians 4:12-13:
    “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

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