Featured Friend: Annetta Bosakova & FREE Printable! — 11 Comments

  1. I can definitely relate to the message spoken here by your friend, Annette. There are certainly areas of my life where I could cut back…spend less time on those things and focus on the things that matter. Thanks for sharing this word from Annette!

    Also, I am loving these free printables. Thanks for sharing Barbie!

  2. Annetta, your honest assessment of where God is pruning was so refreshing to hear! I’m feeling the pruning in my own life and though it isn’t pleasant, it always produces a beautiful harvest. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  3. Just beautiful Annetta. I know I am being heavily pruned right now. I am trying to embrace it. Your post speaks deeply to my heat. It is lovely to meet you Barbie. Clarice

  4. Hi there, Barbie. Thank you for introducing us to so many wonderful people. Your graciousness in stepping back a little has in it’s humbleness brought us sweet fruit. Thank you.
    Please pass on to Annette that one time my Heavenly Father asked me to read John 15 for 40 days straight in a row. Nothing else but John 15. I did it and after 40 days I happened upon a vineyard (why hadn’t I seen that before?) I stopped, parked my car and went in to talk to the owners. I had so many questions. He was impressed (bet he thought I had worked in a vineyard at some time, but truth was I had been talking to The True Vine and the Father Gardener) Anyway. I digress. Sorry. My most important question to him was, “Why prune the vines? He said, “Well, they want to grow away from the vine and need to be brought back. The sweeter grapes are found closer to the source, the vine.” I’ve never looked at the pruning process the same again. Prune me, Dear Lord, prune me now.

    • Chris, thank you so much for sharing this. My prayer is that the Lord would keep me close to Him, that my life may be a sweet fragrance before Him and to others.

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