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  1. This is just what I needed to read today. My family and I have been traveling for 2 weeks. We were far from a speedy internet connection and it was a little strange at first… Then, it was wonderful. We arrived home today and I have thought very much about exactly this. How much time does the online world really need? My little ones and my hubby come first of course, and it’s refreshing to come back and re-set the priorities. There is time to write, there is a season for every purpose under heaven, and the key is remembering to stay in the “now” – it’s all we ever have. Thanks for sharing this Laura and Barbie!

    • Karin, that’s great that you were able to evaluate how much time should be spent online after you got home. It’s easy to think “I have to get caught up” but I think it’s hard sometimes not to get sucked back into the online world. Thanks for sharing here. God bless!

  2. Laura, this is such a timely message for me as I have realized I spend far too much time online. Even though my husband is currently away and my children are grown there is still life happening around me that I’m missing out on. My youngest is still at home but before you know it he will be gone. I don’t want to find myself wishing I had given him more of my time. You are so right..emails, this blog and all the other things can wait. I’m figuring out a balance and doing that is restoring joy to my heart. I know there are still more time I should be placing that computer to the side but I’m grateful for how God keeps nudging at my heart.
    Thank you for sharing with us. Barbie, thanks for sharing your friends. 🙂

    • Beth, thank you for sharing your experience here. It’s finding that balance and then not worrying about what I’m not spending time on…not always easy. Blessings to you!

  3. I’m learning the same valuable lessons.Life doesn’t stop while we look at our laptops or sneak peeks on our smart phones. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  4. Laura, there is much wisdom in this post. What jumps out at me is when you yes to one thing you say no to something else….I’ve been sharing that nugget of wisdom with others for sometime, now I need to take heed of it myself! Thank you for this reminder.

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