Uncovering My Heart’s Desires: Becoming Living Art – Week #3 — 37 Comments

  1. it is an awakening post for me. To look inside myself and to search for what are my innerst desires.
    Actualy, it is to share what God had done in my life and His grace for me everyday. I desire for his words to be alive for each and eveyone and that the peole I meet eveyday will see God in me. To be able to do kindness to everyone no matter what. For God to help me to formulate the words that reaches to man’s heart for His glory.
    I want to travel and to see places, make things for God’s glory and to be a woman of God. So help me God!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Remember as children, we took risks and jumped for our dreams because we felt invincible? We need to capture that feeling again. To trust with childlike faith – that is my prayer for us. Hugs, friend!

  3. Hoi Barbie,

    I am very happy with the way you write on this topic. The quotes make it a beautiful whole. Thank you Barbie. I’ve been thinking lately about this issue and have made ​​a decision …

    Big hug from me.

  4. Sometimes I think I do, and then doubt and fear creep back in, and poof, it vanishes. I’m learning it’s a false humility to hold back what we have been created to be/do because we don’t want to appear proud.
    Barbie, thank you for treading on to become who you are. You are an encourager and so much more.

  5. Barbie, this series of posts have brought tears to my eyes – in fact they’ve overflowed a few times.

    You see, I know what my passion is. I know what God has called me to do. But I’ve allowed those negative, inner thoughts to stop me. Your posts have helped me to see that God created me uniquely – a little too unique, some of my friends would say – and my gifts are unique. I can’t compare my art to anyone else’s because no one else is me.

    I am so very thankful that Ginger Harrington shared your earlier post. I am definitely following you because you are just the encourager I need! I’ll have to check out that book, too!

    • Sherry, I am so thankful you are here, and praying you are continually encouraged. I hopped over to your blog today and left you a note! Hugs!

      • I’ve read this post more than once. I couldn’t find a link to the first one in this series.
        Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you’ll continue to check it out and that it will bless you.

  6. I have started reading Emily Freeman’s book and then got sidetracked by reading “Restless” by Jennie Allen. The beauty is that Jennie’s book parallels what Emily is helping all to discover in her book. I will finish both books and I know that the intimate discoveries I learn about myself will be life changing. Thank you for your insight.

    • Jennie’s book is on my list, and I have a preview copy of her DVD series for Restless sitting on my shelf, that I hope to review soon!

  7. This hit me in more ways than I can explain right now. It hit right at my soul. I need to process and re-read. I totally get this…totally. Thanks for putting it into words. I am going to continue to read….thanks!!!

  8. Such a great and encouraging post Barbie! A post that most of us can relate to. These are some of the questons I too am asking Him as I am seeking Him more and more each day. You are so beautiful both inside and out! Blessings to you my dear friend!!!

  9. I’m really going to have to read this book. Thankfully, I have a copy already!! There is lots to ponder here. What am I passionate about? Could counting His gifts for right now count? 🙂 It is doing something rather remarkable for me. And I’m rekindling my passion for reading again. I guess maybe I’m focused on the smaller stuff and remembering small is okay. Thanks for sharing with us what this book is teaching you. Good stuff. Love you.

    • YES! Counting your gifts most certainly count. I think when we are able to see the beauty in the small it opens our eyes to the bigger, and sometimes, I believe, smaller is most significant. I started counting my gifts at the beginning of the year and have completely failed in that area. It’s something I’d like to start again. Love you my friend!

  10. Barbie, you always write such “deep within your heart” posts and I hardly know how to respond. You are indeed one of God’s finest Masterpieces and I know He has even greater blessings in store for you. Hugs to you!

  11. Such a powerful piece Barbie and one I can relate to all too well. It’s easier to give those surface answers but I want to find the courage to pursue those things that make me fill fully alive.

  12. Excellent question. I don’t know how I’d answer either. Last week I heard this question: What would you do if you had no fear at all? That’s a hard question too because I can’t imagine having no fear at all. But there is value in contemplating the answers anyway; God reveals things to us as we need to see them. Thanks for this today, Barbie.

  13. I too loved this book! And, I struggle with what is my calling? I don’t know what that is. I try to “fear not” and go with it. For me, being judged by others is the biggest thing that holds me back. But I am working on it.

    • Jeri, I appreciate your honesty. Fear of man and fear of judgment are also things I struggle with. But I know they hold me back. Praying for you as you continue to step out into all that God has for you!

  14. “I have forgotten what it is like to go on a journey with God into possibilities that far outweigh my own reality. When did I allow my dreamer heart to die? ”

    I definitely have felt this same way before…and even now at times. My husband is the dreamer type so he helps keep me looking into the future at possibilities instead of stuck in the here and now looking only at the mundane daily tasks.

    This book is next on my “to read” list and I can’t wait to dive in. Your posts have been like teasers for me!

    • It’s such a good book. I was somewhat surprised as to how much I could relate to it, but then again, I shouldn’t have been. Have a beautiful week LeeAnn!

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