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  1. First of all, Barbie, thank you so much for hosting us.

    I sometimes struggle also with exactly what you are talking about.

    The book that has helped me in this area more than any other is Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon.

    It was burned and banned at one time several centuries ago–it can be controversial–but all I know is how much it helped me.

  2. Hi Barbie! I relate to all you’ve shared. The desire for more is intense and I sometimes feel I have to do more to get to wherever it is I think I should be. But that’s where I get I wrong. And he’s shown me, by pulling me aside, that none of it – is in my control, will be effected by my doing or busyness – none of it means anything if it isn’t coming from a place of purity. In silencing (parking) me, he assures his presence and reminds me of how truly simple this worship thing should be. Friend, He is doing a great work in you. Be encouraged.

  3. Barbie, the fact that you RECOGNIZE your need to BE instead of DO is a huge first step. And every week when I come here I am reminded of the same, I am grateful. To slow down, to SIT STILL and let God be God. Praying with you today for a change in my heart. “Be still and know that I am God.” ♥

  4. For Barbie – on Sunday

    Arise, my dearest, my beauty,
    and come away with me.
    Don’t you see? The winter is done.
    The rains and clouds have come and gone.
    The flowers are unfolding in the fields;
    the birds are warming up their songs,
    The cooing of the turtledove
    is heard throughout the land.
    So arise my dearest, my beauty,
    and come away with me.
    Now, my dove, don’t be shy.
    Don’t hide from me in the clefts of the rock
    or nest like a bird in secret among the cliffs.
    Show me your lovely form.
    Let me hear your beautiful voice,
    For it sounds so sweet,
    and your face is so lovely

    Thanks for this great blog. I am praying for you.

    • Jedidja, I just checked my blog before going to bed and this is what I found. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of how much God cherishes His time with me, and thank you for your prayers!

  5. Barbie – Oh as women, how we all struggle with this one, at times! Even religious performance can turn to be all about striving…if we let it. Thanks for reminding us that it is all about relationship and not at all about how “good” the world perceives us to be! Coming from a village in Dominican Republic after a week, I have seen more clearly this week, all the “stuff” I get caught up in. Good things. But good things that have competed for my attention, drowning the voice of God! You have reminded me to carefully guard my time and my heart friend. And for that, I thank you! Blessings, Jen

    • That’s so true. We get caught up in good things. I am thankful I am learning to let some things go so that I have more room in my heart for Him. Blessings!

  6. I’ve been thinking along these lines ever since I heard Ann Voskamp’s message at the IF Gathering — that tightrope tug of war between duty and delight is a tough one. I hope I will be like Mary and sit at his feet, rather than getting wrapped up in details that don’t matter to Him.

  7. ” So much of who I think I am is still wrapped up in performance”
    This one hit me right between the eyes.

    and know that I am God.

    Our journeys aren’t the same, but there are places along the way that are similar. With you in prayer, Barbie.

  8. I’ll be praying for you, friend. It isn’t easy to let go of work we feel is important. But you’re right, it’s more important to be still and in His presence so we gain the ability to hear His whispers and understand His will. Right now, I’m literally drowning in clutter; so much so I am overwhelmed where to begin! Distraction is an understatement – it is sucking the life out of me. I pray I’ll be able to tackle small jobs here and there. Small steps, right? Blessings!

    • Oh I haven’t even began to tackle the clutter (literally) that surrounds me. I am right there with you. Praying for you too!

  9. We are justified by faith. And that is to be understood in two ways. We should be faithful. And we should show faith. And you must be nice to be pretty. So focusing on being is a good thing, if that means reassuring oneself one is nice. But it must not be the objective of the Christian. Because, a true believer *is* nice. As Paul stated, everything is new in the reborn. And, as Paul stated, it is foolishness to make up a standard for the being. Christ set us free from the Law, and it is foolishness then to create another law. So what it boils down to, is to *get* the feeling one is nice. I have myself put my testimony of sins, both in Norwegian and in English, on internet.

    What we really want, is to be pretty. Right? *smile*

    • I don’t desire to be pretty, just to be in His presence, continually. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts Anders. Much appreciated.

  10. Simply beautiful. Thank you for this, Barbie — for writing from where you are instead of where you wish you were. We need transparent voices saying just what you are saying. There comes a time when all the doing is not aiming where it ought. We need to set aside the ideas that we are valuable for our contributions and hear Him measuring us in His way instead. And even let go of measuring altogether and replace it with connecting which can’t be measured. The risky thing is that the stilling brings up some pain (usually) and whatever we may have been running from for a while. I know that is the harder part for me. I am so grateful for His hand in our lives — connecting us together in this season. I’m so certain that He is moving you towards so much more freedom and joy and even, in due time, more serving in ways that are from a new ground internally. Thank you for living brave and sharing your journey here.

    • It is hard, when the things you’ve been running from, that you didn’t know you were running from, hit you square in the face, and you are forced to look at them. But God is so gentle, loving and kind. He leads me so well. Thank you for being such a strong force of encouragement to me.

  11. Oh Barbie – we are similar paths right now. For different reasons, but similar paths, none-the-less. And, my friend? I feel another book idea percolating here. One way I focus in on the Be part of my relationship with our Abba is through a friend’s new ministry. Monica, over at Elevate Ideas, started a podcast ministry called Be Still Be Free a few months ago. And it was birthed right out of these very same feelings you express here. I am mightily encouraged by your words and by her podcasts. (And I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for your next book. Just sayin’…) XO

    • Coincidentally, the next book I am writing (having already written much, yet it still lays dormant) is entitled, “Abiding”. Hmmmm, God IS up to something! I think this entire process is full of added chapters. Thank you so much for your encouragement and belief in me. I appreciate you!

  12. Barbie,

    I am always so touched by your words. Several years ago, God took me thru a season of doing nothing. I couldn’t even read my Bible because of some medication I was on. He showed me so many things about just being. It really changed my life. I still strive. I still try to perform. I still find myself feeling like I have to “do” in order to be loved. But He always brings me back and reminds me of that season of my life. I find it easier to return to that place now that I’ve been thru it.

    I am praying for you.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I know this to be true, yet I long for my heart to catch up to what I know. Thank you for your friendship.

  13. Barbie you are describing exactly my intro to chronic illness and disability. It was indeed a barreling train that came to a screeching halt. I didn’t realize how much of my identity was wrapped up in my doing. It’s hard. Really hard. I am praying for you as you journey through his teaching right now. Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

    • Thank you Shelly. I cannot imagine living with a chronic illness, yet in so many ways, my spiritual man is chronically ill. Love and hugs to you!

  14. Wow, Barbie, it’s uncanny how much God laid the same thing on each of our hearts. I hope you’ll get a chance to read my post this week and you’ll see what I mean. Thank you for the beautiful post & for hosting & God bless.

  15. I can definitely relate with this. Between church, working full time, trying to raise a young daughter and take care of a home, I feel like I’m constantly juggling. Lately I’m becoming aware of my limitations, and the fact that I can’t devote all of my time (and my best) to all of these things. You’ve definitely inspired me to slow down a little bit and allow myself moments to just be. I can’t remember the last time I felt that kind of peace. I’d love to feel that way again.

    • Me too Meg! I also work full time, have heavy ministry commitments and am still raising a teen and a tween. Life can be so consuming. Let’s cling to the giver of peace together, shall we?

  16. Barbie, I don’t if you realize how much you might be helping others with these posts since you have been having trouble with your writing. The very issue that the past several posts have been about speak for themselves and relate to many of us in our own lives…..maybe not about writing, but many other areas where we seem to be coming up short. Just by you sharing your heart on your blog, you are still ministering to everyone who reads it. I appreciate you being so transparent and honest. I feel in my heart that you are exactly where the Lord wants you right now….and yes, if you ask me, I think He understands why maybe you just need to “be” right now instead of “do”. I don’t know if you watch Joyce Meyer but I have heard her say on few occasions that we “human beings, not human doings”. May God truly bless you and give the grace to just BE for a while!


    • Debby, thank you so much. I want to be obedient to share my heart through this season, because I know I am not the only one struggling to be still, to be. You’ve encouraged my heart today. Thank you!

  17. You know, I think I’m struggling with the same thing, Barbie. Doing instead of being. And I think that’s why I’m so tired. Not only because I’ve been so busy and done so much stuff in the last few weeks but because I’m not going to Him to be re-filled. The well is dry and I’m just now beginning to crawl back towards the refreshing Water.

  18. Hi Barbie,
    You have explained your feelings so well. I find it fascinating how Father will lead each of us so differently but toward the same goal; resting in Him. As you know my children are getting older and don’t really need me that much anymore. I have homeschooled them their whole schooling years and spent all of my time around them. I lost ‘me’ in the serving and raising of them. A few years ago when I knew my time as homeschooling mom was growing short I started to fret about what in the world I would do. This situation has put me into a place of not doing but just being in front of Father. It is a tough spot to be in because I feel so out of control and having to let go. I am learning to totally trust and rely on Him and I am learning that His presence is the BEST place to be.


    • I love His presence and desire nothing more. I am so much more still to learn but am learning to be thankful for the journey. Blessings!

  19. Barbie, I am praying that you remain in His grace. So many ideas and things to do…but knowing Him…it’s all that matters. Beautiful words…from your beautiful heart. I have something to share with you- hopping to your Facebook page- it is perfect for you for today! Love and hugs!

  20. our doing comes out of ‘being’ – then it’s accurate and aligned with God’s will not our own.
    as one minister shared with me, all the scribbling on the page is useless if God has only asked for a
    minute stroke…
    blessings on drawing near to ADONAI as we enter this Lenten season

  21. I think that you are so wise to verbalize your feelings and struggle right now. Sometimes, we go through a dry period where we feel busy busy but don’t feel His presence and we keep quiet about it. We pretend, you know? But being open and vulnerable in this time will draw you into closer communion with Him, I think. He is always working and always shaping and molding us, even when we don’t feel it. Your honesty about this time is awesome! He will use it…and He already is, for there are others out there who have forgotten just how to “be”, too. I go through ups and downs and right now I’m right in the middle! But, I trust God and know that He is doing something good…He always is!

    Blessings, Joan

    • Thank you Joan. It has been so helpful to be able to process through this journey. My prayer is that what I am learning will encourage others and draw them closer to Him.

  22. I feel like I’m figuring this out along side of you. Really wish we could chat about all this over a cup of coffee…like really, really do. I’ve been laying down things but I know there is still more to let go of. I know the main thing He is asking me to let go of and I’m beginning that journey. So grateful for His gentleness.
    Love you, friend.

    • Oh Beth, you don’t know how much I wish we could sit and chat. I am thankful that God has you on this journey and will be praying alongside of you. Hugs!

    • Beth,

      I agree. God has had me on a similar journey as Barbie describes the last year or so or maybe longer if I’m honest. Growing up in a “doing” church culture has made it challenging for me to “be” and soak in God’s presence, listening for His voice in my life. I’ve had glimpses of it along the way, but now I’m pursuing it more intentionally in my life. I’ve been a pastor’s wife and the “doing” that happens in that space is overwhelming at times. Now that my husband owns his own life coaching business, I’m learning the value of saying “no” and cultivating time and space to grow closer to God in the being. While I won’t pretend it’s easy, I’ve been blessed with a mentor who is helping me learn this art of being. I’ll be praying for both of you as we’re on this journey together!


  23. Barbie –
    I find it interesting to read this post as we come to the Lenten season – a time to give up, to surrender. The question I have been putting before myself this last week – – What am I willing to sacrifice in order to know Him more deeply? May you find this time of being and resting in Him unveils Him in unexpected ways. This post was written with a transparency which blessed me and touched my heart.

    • Thank you so much Joanne. He is already revealing Himself in unexpected ways. Praying for more of that revealing for both of us. Blessings!

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