The Weekend Brew: Seasons Change, But His Love Remains — 50 Comments

  1. Oh, you have given me much to consider dear friend. I’m overwhelmed right now with some things I should be writing…and finishing the rough draft of my book and starting the editing process. I realized through your post that it is the journey that I’m dreading and that has me stalled in my path. Thanks for reminding me that He has already prepared the way. It is simply my job to follow through on what He has called me to do. Much love!

    • It is taking those first steps along the journey that are the hardest. But I know He meets us there, on that road. I will be keeping you and your book in my prayers!

  2. Barbie…”I simply must rest in His love and trust Him in the journey.” I love this truth you shared. It’s what we all must do in every season we live through. Thank you for the reminder and for the link up. Praying you have a sweet week resting in arms of Jesus this week.

  3. Praise God for the seasons He has created, so that we can look forward to new life in spring after the bleakness of winter. Thanks for the beautiful post & for hosting & God bless.

  4. I understand that. I1) learned long ago that when God gives me something to do, it doesn’t mean it should have been done yesterday or now. It means He will take me there. 2) I am learning now that maybe I know what He wants me to do but I am not to be focused on the finished goal – I am to be focused on the now part of the journey.

    It’s like what some people call “writer’s block” – I call God wanting me to see something, learn something before He gives me what to write. It is not a failure – it is timing. There’s a story I am to write – I have researched it, I have thought in detail about it – but when it is time to write it – He will pour it into me and I will pour it out.

    Maybe right now you are just to live, see, love in the now – and when He releases you to revise and edit – it will be like a water over the falls – a pouring out!

    Blessings to you Barbie in the now!!

  5. Awww…sweet friend…how blessed that moment was in the prayer room. God is so good.

    I have two thoughts, Barbie. One…we can fall into the trap of doing or not doing based on our feelings. Walking in the power of God is based on who he is and not on anything we feel or even our energy level. (That is a reminder to me too.)

    I know that place you are in. Have you looked at the list you’ve written here that identifies your day? As women we often live on an adrenalin high. I know, I got very sick living in that place. We make the mistake of ‘doing’ too much. When you look at your list, you say, I can’t *not* do any of those things. True. But, behind or next to each of those things are activities that sap your strength. Are you building margin into your day? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you going for a walk? One thing that helps me is to take a few mile walk in a natural area…a place where I can notice God’s handiwork and revel in it. Breathing in fresh air and moving my body are a key component in this. Coming home from the walk, it’s as if I pushed the re-set button. In those moments, undistracted by the busyness of life, the Holy Spirit ministers to my spirit. For you it might be something entirely different.

    Another part of this self-care is eating whole foods and not processed foods, getting 8 hours sleep, and eliminating sugar from our diets in addition to the exercise I mentioned by walking. As busy women, with lots of stress in our lives, we are taxing our adrenal glands. A tired adrenal gland will also give you the malaise you describe. And Barbie…I learned this the hard way in my ‘past’ life. I’m still recovering. You can only do ‘this dance’ so long. No matter how much time we spend in the word and prayer, our lifestyles need careful attention. And as women, it is so easy to sacrifice ourselves for the important others or ministries in our lives. I learned that it doesn’t honor God. It actually does quite the opposite. Oh what a lie I believed for too long.

    Praying you sense God’s goodness and grace in extra measure today. May you find fresh rest in him. [hugs]

    • Diane, you have so much insight into my struggles. I would really love to know more about your journey to whole eating, as I’ve been praying about that for a long time and I’m scared to even begin. But yes, I do too much and do not take care of myself. Thank you for your encouragement.

  6. I struggle too. The Lord is trying to teach me trust and patience. And I am a stubborn student! I’m overwhelmed on so many levels that I am stuck, not sure where to begin. So I don’t start anywhere! Brilliant, huh?! {grin} I know what my heart desires but for some reason the message hasn’t reached my body to get me moving on it. One day at a time…You are in my prayers!

    • Oh friend, such similar journeys. I am praying for you to as well. May He give you sweet rest and encourage your heart.

  7. Barbie,
    Thank you for sharing your heart…I feel God calling me to rest..and maybe, for me, that may mean taking a break from social media for a week…I’m not on it that much but I need to listen to what God is saying to me, and writing my manifesto was an intense time, so I need to take time to stop and let Him refill me with His Love…((hugs))

    • That sounds like a great plan Dolly. I haven’t stopped social media altogether, but I’ve scaled back a lot. It shows in my numbers, even on my blog, but really, none of that matters to me. I write for His glory in His timing. Blessings!

  8. Barbie, if I could come to wherever you are, we would grab a cup of coffee and just hold each other’s hands! I am living in your season as well, friend. My heart hurts sometimes…I know where I am supposed to be…I am THERE even…but I am overwhelmed with the journey. Yet, as you are finding out, these are the precious times in our walk with Jesus. He is so close, so present and so ready to show us His love, His comfort and His Almighty Power! We just have to keep putting one foot in front of another and say, “Here I am, Lord, send me.” He WILL restore, He WILL renew you…in His time. ♥

    • Oh Nannette, it would be so wonderful to sit and chat with you. Thank you for stopping by to encourage my heart. Blessings!

  9. As Jennie Allen would say in her book “Restless” I am in the parking lot season of my life. I am in a holding pattern, however, I know that God has so much planned for my near future. I am on the edge of the next step and God is calling me to be bold. The twist is that I am not exactly sure what the next step looks like. Trusting God and His best laid plans is my calling but taking the time to prepare myself is what I need to concentrate on now. Thank you for the link up and the insight into following our passions even when we lack the zeal. Blessings for a happy weekend!

  10. This is true and so good to think about as we change seasons………I am so glad that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you for posting and also for hosting the hop. Gentle Joy

  11. I’m grateful spring is here too! I’m praying for you, Barbie. But love how you are continually leaning in and trusting Him. I’m right there with you. He has plans for both of us. {Hugs}

  12. Sweet friend, I am continually in awe when I stop over here to read and learn you and I are going through many of the same “things” right now. I’ve been so fatigued and run down lately that I haven’t had the energy I usually have. I’ve been lacking motivation to write. I’ve been wanting to outline my next book, but have felt inadequate and not really sure about what to write next, even though I have a gazillion ideas written down. Nothing is jumping at me – lighting my fire. On one hand, I feel like I just want to live a normal everyday life. On the other hand, I know better. I know that is not what God has brought me through all the trial and hardship for – to sit idle? No way. Not His plan. It can’t be! That’s not how He works or Who He is. So like you, I’m sitting in His presence, reflecting, learning, waiting, wondering.

    I do think I’ve uncovered the issue (or at least a fix) for the lack of energy/fatigue feelings. I started carrying around a tall plastic tumbler with ice water and slices of lemon in it. I’m forcing myself to drink as much water as I can all day, every day. I also started taking fish oil supplements with my daily vitamin. I read that fish oil (omega 3, in particular) goes straight to the brain, relieving brain fog, giving extra energy, focus, etc. I’ve been doing this for two weeks straight now and I have to admit I’m feeling a noticeable difference in energy levels, mood, and mental clarity.

    • I’ll be praying for you Rosann. I know this seasons all too well. And yes, I do believe I walk around dehydrated most days. Thanks for the healthy tips. Blessings!

  13. He is a light unto our path, and sometimes that means He is only lighting one cobblestone at a time. Baby steps, Barbie. Our stride seeks to be long, but sometimes He calls us to rest in Him and take baby steps. Praying for you.

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