Choosing To See: Becoming Living Art – Week 6 — 12 Comments

  1. very true and very encouraging. i have come across this in a few interpersonal relationships and it has been painful, but the Lord has allowed me to press into Him more and realize how much i want the approval of others. i have also had the chance to learn humility. so painful and so good.

    • So nice to see you here Charis! The lesson of humility is so often painful, but so much for our good! Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

  2. Barbie,
    Oh the voice of criticism. I could so relate to your post. I sit in my own little fog having doubts about myself as a writer. I never win when I play the “comparison game”. Here’s to all of us rooting each other on!! Keep writing!

    • That’s so true. Comparison doesn’t get us anywhere. Let’s cheer each other on and put our trust in the One who called us. Blessings!

  3. Oh my goodness, Barbie, you have no idea how much I can relate to these words today. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve written posted anything. The self-doubt set in and I was afraid it was here to stay. Usually I can push through and light trickles in enough to keep me going, but lately I’ve been stuck. I’ve been working on a post similar to this for the last TWO WEEKS, I think that might be a record! I’m so glad I stopped by to read what you were up to today, what a blessing you are indeed!

    • Thank you Alecia. I am thankful you stopped by today. Emily’s book has been so good and much of my reflections are based on the book. I struggle to put out words that I feel have already been written, or said better. It’s been a hard journey, realizing that I have a purpose in this big world of blogging. Hugs!

  4. Holy TEARS this is amazing, Barbie! Such truth. Such gritty, gritty truth! You get down in the trenches of the soul, as you bear your own & show us amazing Truth! THANK YOU for being an obedient vessel, a willing vessel & a yielded-to Christ vessel! Love your words here & so grateful to walk this journey with you!! This post spoke to my heart SO much!! Thank you! ♥

    • Thank you Satin. Emily’s words are helping me to find my own words. This book has been such a blessing in my life.

  5. Barbie, We woman mirror one another. When we take down our mask and be real we begin to see how our fears, doubts are all familiar. –There really is enough words to go around. She may have already said it, but we can say it too because we will say it differently. And most likely, if everyone is saying or writing about the same thing, then God is saying something–loved this. Thanks for being real. Blessings, Kasey

  6. Oh, how I am right there with you with a manuscript file that taunts me from my desk top every time I sit down to my computer. And funny thing is, I’m not working on it for the same reasons you stated. Fear of rejection…fear of others’ successes…fear that I don’t have the words to finish it. Gah!!! Make it stop! LOL – well laugh, rather than cry, I suppose. God’s been working on me and I appreciate your encouragement to move forward too, Barbie!

    • Yes, let’s laugh together, shall we? You have a huge purpose my friend. Praying God will break you free from that fear and let you loose in wild freedom. Hugs!

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