Sink or Swim: Becoming Living Art – Week 5 — 14 Comments

  1. This “The upside-down mystery of God is that you can still be a miracle gift even when you have no idea where your giftedness comes from.” This is so true and beautiful. And when I am feeling down or feel like I am not enough, I am reminded of this.

  2. This post speaks to me in so many ways, Barbie. You continue to be a source of encouragement to me and I’m just so very thankful to have you as a friend. Love you dearly.
    Btw…I’m returning to San Diego the end of July. Maybe we can figure out a way to connect. 🙂

  3. I am enjoying your insight into this book. (It’s still on my shelf.)

    Your words are powerful:
    “I have to stop comparing myself to others.
    I have to stop waiting for permission to be qualified.
    I have to stop seeing my art as having no value.”

    I thought I was done with this comparing myself thing, but it seems to have reared its head recently. I even made a Pinterest board called “Comparison is the Thief of Joy.” Off to pin this there.

    Thank you!

  4. Such a timely post of encouragement. Barbie, this is beautifully written. Living art with words and heart mixed together. Today I received a rejection from an agent that it seemed God had opened to door for. I am encouraged that he complimented the writing, but the project just does not excite him. Though we know that rejection is part of publishing, it is still hard to see the answer before your eyes. When it is my flesh in control, I receive this hard and could easily say–you’re boring–no one wants to hear from you. But when I let God take it, I can rest, a little sad, but confident that
    it all begins and ends in Him and He can take this wherever and whenever He wants.

    “So I take my desires, my passions and my art and I sink, deeper into His presence. I will allow myself to be still, to wait, to listen and to know that He is God.”
    Thanks for being you.

    • Oh my brave friend, you encourage me. You see, I have not the strength or boldness to even consider pitching any of my work to an agent. Perhaps one day. But you are doing the scary thing, with God holding your hand and saying, “in my timing”. Your writing is beautiful and touches me deeply.

  5. I love your thoughts on this book and I love this quote you shared:
    “There is a difference between embracing your smallness in the presence of Christ and feeling like a nobody in the presence of others.” – A Million Little Ways, pg. 83
    Thank you…

  6. This is why I write, Barbie. The me in His hand is the me I am meant to be. I wrote this this morning and will post it soon. You’re the first to read it. It’s called God’s Handiwork. Enjoy, my friend, and be blessed.

    He sees.
    He knows.
    He understands.

    He sees what is happening just under the surface of our life.
    Everything appears out of control, but the spinning is measured in His hand.
    It is contained for His purpose like the shaking together of a good recipe.

    He knows the beginning from the end.
    We see the chaos, but He knows the beauty.

    He understands the choices we make and takes notice.
    Our struggles are held in His hand.
    He does not let them destroy us, but uses them to make us stronger.
    One He holds back and another He allows for our own good.

    He untangles us like abused yarn.
    Then stretches each strand out to full measure.
    With gentleness He unties the knots.
    Then weaves the colors together creating His masterpiece.

    He sees what others pass by unnoticed.
    He values those who do right in eyes.
    He enjoys those who acknowledge Him.
    He appreciates those hidden in His hand.

    They cry, “Holy! Holy! Holy! Worthy is The Lamb!”

    Troubles flee in His presence.
    Anxiety fades away.
    He comforts – He comforts His own.

    The yielded heart knows the truth.
    It is a good thing to be in the hands of the Living God.

    He sees.
    He knows.
    He understands.

    • Chris, this is amazing! I can relate on so many levels. “He untangles us like abused yarn. Then stretches each strand out to full measure. With gentleness He unties the knots. Then weaves the colors together creating His masterpiece.” He is weaving our colors, my friend, creating a masterpiece in and through us. LOVE!

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