Welcome To The 2014 Ultimate Blog Party! — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Barbie! It’s always great to see your cheerful face around on the ‘net! Your family is beautiful – you are blessed.

  2. Hi Barbie, stopping by from the party. 🙂 That’s a great pic of all your kids, and son-in-law (love that you call him son-in-love). I’m not an artistic, creative person so think it’s awesome that you’re inspired to paint and create artwork. Was already a fan on most of your social networks but just started following you on Google+ and Instagram also. 🙂

  3. Always love your bloodiness. Loved checking out your artwork. So Amazing! I think I finally got the kinks worked out on getting connected to the #ubp2014. What a concept. Blessings sweet friend!

  4. “son-in-love” I LOVE THAT!!! I truly am glad I stopped but your blog from the #UBP14, I will def be back soon. I can’t wait to know more about you!!

  5. Barbie! Thank you for sharing your blog- it’s absolutely beautiful! I think the look and feel ushers a reader into an open heart to read your faith stories. Excited to read and learn more!

  6. I’m not a part of the Blog Party but just wandered by and thoroughly enjoyed this entry. I loved seeing your beautiful family and learning more about you. Happy weekend and a beautiful Lord’s Day tomorrow. Hugs!

  7. Hi! So nice to see you participating in the UBP14! I love your weekly brew weekend linkup and try to always join in each week. God bless,

    Wynter (Made to Mother)

    • Well, not really. I love themes that make it easy. This one is just as it comes, except I’d like to change the logo, we’ll see. Thanks for stopping over Mary!

  8. The site is looking beautiful as always- I love all the little changes you make, all the time! Oh my friend, so grateful for you and our sweet friendship. Well, currently at Starbucks having some me time with peppermint tea for now, stomach a little wound up but looking forward to jumping in to the party! Have fun, Love you! Love your book! Whoever gets it will blessed!

    • Thank you so much Dawn. I haven’t even had time to join in the fun yet, with work and all. It’s about 1AM here and I’m just now returning comments. Let’s see how many blogs I can visit before I fall asleep!

  9. Hi, Barbie- We’re “neighbors” on the UBP14 link up. So nice to meet you. I’ll take you up on that coffee since I stayed up so late waiting for the linky to go live. 😉 I look forward to reading more of your posts. Blessings!

  10. Hi Barbie,
    I’ve visited your nice great blog a number of times before, but I’m trying to visit some of the UBP links. And it was great to see these photos of your family and see your UBP post.
    God bless,
    Gail (Bible Love Notes)

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