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  1. Oh Amy. Such precious and TRUE words! I find myself in the same spot sometimes– wondering if I am doing enough or too much and digging through the “stuff” to find the wonder… When in fact the wonder in Christ is in every messy meal, every sweaty workout and every breath I take. Thanks so much for this. And thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus!

    PS: Barbie… I feel like we should connect. I think we have a ton of mutual friends. Just saying 🙂

  2. I have a good marriage but we have just gone through two years of incredible trials (the C word and son’s suicide) and I feel that just now I am awakening to the wonder of the love my husband and I share. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I went to sleep one night thinking how love is not selfish, but for me, the one loved, I will be selfish by living and being the woman God created me to be just for Him and him…I awoke to the wonder of how I enjoy being loved by my husband – loved because he likes me even with all my faults and foibles, but he sees Christ in me! Awakening to wonder – yes!

  3. Brilliant, Amy! This post brought such peace! And it links so well with one I just wrote… it’s so cool when God does that, as if to reiterate an important lesson I really need to stop and take notice of…
    So today…
    Think less on whether or not you’re getting it perfect or doing enough and enjoy this incredible journey.
    … this is it! 🙂 Thank you for this! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  4. Yes, yes, yes!! This is my whole message on my blog too! You and I are enough to please God. He is not the one who is adding all kinds of “shoulds” to our lives. I loved this post Amy, just wonderful! Susie

  5. Amy, I love that you are writing about the here and now Heaven! I strive so hard, even in my failing, to live all in for Christ. He never leaves us alone. Thankfully.
    This is a beautiful post!

  6. Oh Amy this is just beautiful and so true that spend so many moments wondering do we measure up and missing all the moments how wonderfully marvelously God has made each of us. Thank you Barbie for allow Amy to share such a timely message that speaks to the hearts of many.

  7. Beautiful post. This was a wonderful post to choose as my last one before calling it a night. Thank for sharing at Barbie’s place. Barbie, love that you are sharing your friends with us. XOXO

  8. “Stopping and yielding to the Holy Spirit is more powerful than trying harder to be and do more.” I need to write this statement down and post it around my house. When I began reading this sweet story about the foster mom and her kisses, the first thing I thought was I need to be a foster parent. I’m not doing enough… Thank you for this beautiful lesson, Amy!
    So nice to meet you, Barbie! This is my first time at your lovely blog, finding you through Amy :).

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