The Weekend Brew: A Good Word Makes A Glad Heart — 40 Comments

  1. A beautiful graphic to go with that Scripture verse. Anxiety can too easily overtake us. But I’m learning that our God is sufficient for all my needs. I was glad to remember to link up today.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Barbie, hope your mom is improving today. Loved the picture of your kids and your son-in-love on FB (that’s what I call my daughter’s husband, too!). Happy Mother’s Day to you my friend. Much love!

    • Thank you Holly. Mom is doing much better. Now, it’s just a matter of rehabilitation to get her strength back. Thanks for your prayers!

  3. Dear Barbie,
    Thank-you for this place where we can share a good word. I am glad that your mom is showing some improvement. May your time with her be a blessing. God be with you.

  4. Beautiful graphic & verse! May God fill each of our mouths with a good word which will bless someone in our path. Praying for your mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Barbie!

  5. Hi Barbie … Thinking of you and your mom right now … not the way you had hoped to celebrate Mother’s Day, I’m sure. I hope you find God meeting you together in that place, and that healing will soon be hers.

    Hugs for you both …

  6. Barbie~that painting/photo of yours is absolutely beautiful. I love the blend of colors and images. And the Word enhances it. You should make a poster of this and sell it. I’d buy one!!!
    Have a blessed weekend. Good to be hear again.

    • Thank you Janis. I don’t believe I have the rights to sell it. a graphic artist friend of mine made it. It is beautiful. So thankful you stopped by today!

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