The Weekend Brew: The Process of Growth — 26 Comments

  1. You can’t know how perfect and how needed these words have been for me this weekend. You have ministered to me so tremendously as I have been reading through Love Idol. Thank you so much. And I’m so glad to be here – I’ve been wanting to do the Weekend Brew forever!

    • Rebekah, I was thrilled to see your link up. I’ve started to read Love Idol, and it is a hard read, one that I’m not sure I’m ready for yet. When I do, I know you will be there to support me. Have a beautiful week.

  2. Such a beautiful post, Barbie! So much of growth involves pain, disappointment, frustration and trial. So thankful we have The Lord to guide us, forgive us, love us and renew us! Thank you for sharing your lovely heart!

    • The journey always stretches us out of our comfort zone. I’m so thankful that His light surrounds me a I take the journey.

  3. We are always a work in progress and I’m so grateful that He doesn’t leave us to wander through the darkness alone. Lovely post, Barbie! And I like the new design!

  4. O love the idea of Butterflies for SUnday School I have 1st and 2nd graders so that is something I might do next year, perhaps! You make me giggle with your Blog redesign frequency- my mom always is rearranging her furniture…reminds me of her , and it always looks great, whetever she does- reminds me of you and your blog! 😉

    • Yea, since I haven’t been able to pay for blog design, I’ve been experiment with finding themes I like, changing up the colors, etc. I may stick with this one for a bit.

  5. I loved this statement! “We cry out for God to make us beautiful, and so He comes. But it’s with a cost. You see, He wants all of us — spirit, soul and body. We will never be complete until we are completely His.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the cost of surrendering and reminding us of the reward of that deepening relationship with Him. Donna

  6. Yes, I want to go to the secret place with Christ! But what keeps holding me back? I let life get in the way and choose that as more important than whatever Christ is calling me to. Ugh! It is so hard yet when God calls saying “Yes” should be so easy. Beautiful post and a great question to ponder and figure out how I can continue to say “yes” instead of overthinking it. Have a beautiful weekend!

    • I think we hold back our yes because we know that it will cost us. I keep asking God to make me more like Him, to take my eyes off of the momentary satisfaction of this world. Keep saying yes, my friend.

  7. Barbie, I loved this and can so relate. “The God Who formed us in the darkness once more transforms us in the darkness.” Poetic knowledge. It is dark to us and I do know that exact feeling of being in the cocoon, and then I think, “even the darkness is light to Him”. Thank you for pouring this beautiful post out of your beautiful heart.

  8. Hi Barbie! I love the story of caterpillar to butterfly. And you are so right, it’s downright dark in there. No fun. But we have to believe that God will break us out of the dark at just the right time. Never late, but never too early either.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend 🙂

  9. And so she writes with butterfly wings, newly formed and beautiful. Thank you for continuing to share your journey, Barbie. We are blessed.

  10. Barbie, I am new to reading your blog and am so glad I found it! Your words today are so true and bring hope to my soul. The process may last longer than I want it to. It might even be painful. But growth is worth it!

    • Marie, I am so thankful you stopped by. I browsed through your bog today and am looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

    • Thanks Sandra. This is a creative commons photo. I too am partial to butterflies. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

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